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Surrounded by outstanding natural beauty
The village of Uzumlu (Place of green grapes) sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by rugged hillside covered in pine trees and mountain streams. 500 metres above sea level Uzumlu is set in a wide valley which it shares with neighbouring Incirkoy (fig village) at the foot of the Taurus mountains.

Tractors & cars parked side by side
Largely untouched by development the village is like stepping back in time retaining much of its traditional charm and a slow pace of life. You will see traditional Ottoman type cottages, the local men gathering at their favourite cafe and goats and donkeys wandering the streets. However, the villagers have embraced the influx of foreign buyers and there are now several restaurants and shops and there is a weekly market on a Friday where you can buy fruit, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, spices, herbs and other items.

Uzumlu nestles at the foot of the mountains
There is also a doctors clinic, a chemist, petrol station, Town Hall and very recently an ATM was installed. A dolmus runs regularly to Fethiye and back. Although not much English is spoken here the locals are welcoming and friendly and it is a pleasure to meet them in the shops and on the streets to pass the time of day.

The region is historically an agricultural area and produces grapes, vinegar, olives, olive oil, and wine. The village is also known for it's traditional weaving industry and the local 100% cotton cloth 'Dastar' is made here still on the original and labour intensive hand looms. Beautiful clothes, scarves, shawls, tableclothes and many other items are then made from the cloth.

Old buildings and narrow alleys
Since 2009 there has been the annual Uzumlu Mushroom Festival, held in April to co-incide with the Morel mushroom season. Hundreds and hundreds of people flock from all over to attend the 3 day festival where many activities take place - mushroom hunts, local crafts and produce are on sale and the event goes on well into the night with evening concerts taking place and copious amounts of local wine being drunk.

Approximately 6 kilometres away and set above Uzumlu is a prominent ancient settlement - the Roman/Lycian city of Cadianda which has monuments that date back to the C5th bc. There are ruins of a temple, angora, stadium, baths and theatre and from the site is the most spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.

Friday is market day
Although Uzumlu is a world away from the noise and bustle of the holiday resorts, it is only a 20 minute car ride to Calis and it's beach and around 20 kilometres from Fethiye which although geared to holiday makers along the harbour is a traditional Turkish working town where probably everything you could need is available. The world famous Oludeniz beach is only a 40 minute drive away, as is the night life of Hisaronu.

So here we have the peace and tranquility of a rural idyll, but have the turquoise coast, many historical sites, good shopping and night-life well within reach if we want it - how perfect is that!

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  1. It's beautiful. We wish you success in your work.

    1. Thank you Ozer. It is beautiful here. But we came to relax.