About us

I have always loved the sunshine and hated the cold weather, so it goes without saying that moving abroad was something that had always appealed to me. However, life and circumstances sweep you away and these things never seem to happen, they are just forgotten dreams. But now life had moved on - the children were grown up, my partner David had reached retirement age and it was time to escape the hum drum existence we were trapped in, which consisted of working, eating & sleeping and actually very little else.  I had been working as a Social Care Manager for many years, and was suffering from the ill effects of the long hours and stressful work that it involved which had left me overweight, smoking too much, drinking too much, unfit and not having time for a life away from it.  This needed to change. David  who had worked as a painter and decorator for most of his working life, was due to retire and thought it would be good to move away  and escape the inevitable "Can you just......" which staying local would probably have meant when people had 'little jobs' that needed doing. 

Tyson - 'The Boy'
With retirement in mind we had started to take a serious look at the options three years before moving. We spent hours on the internet comparing the pros and cons of different countries to live in. After months of research and all things considered, we had homed in on Turkey as our number one candidate and in particular the Fethiye area, even down to the particular village of Uzumlu as being the most suited to our requirements and preferences. So in April 2010 we booked a weeks holiday near Fethiye to enable us to see how the real world compared to the virtual one. If anything it was even better than we had imagined and actually it was the very first property we visited that we fell in love with and subsequently bought. Whilst we had holidayed in the Fethiye area previously neither of us had ever been to Uzumlu but it was definately love at first sight. It was everything we had envisaged and more. The deal was struck and we came back to England in awe of the enormity of what we had just done.
Horrace thought to be 20 years old
Our original intention was to let our place out as a holiday let for a few years, visiting it ourselves as often as possible. But when I returned with my daughter in June to buy the furniture I was not so sure that I wanted to share our future home, and when we both returned in October we decided selfishly to keep it for ourselves, family and friends only. After two visits the following year we grew to love being in Turkey, the Turkish way of life and most of all the wonderful people there. It seemed the right time to make the decision to move to Turkey sooner rather than later. David was due to retire in April 2012 so we decided to take the plunge and move to Turkey then.

Inca the shy one
So on Friday 13th April 2012 together with Tyson our 7 year old black Labrador and our two cats Horrace - thought to be 20 years old, and 13 year old Inca, we left Norfolk in England and headed for Turkey.
This blog is a personal account of our lives here, the food we eat, the places we visit, the people we meet and how our lives progress as we adjust to integrating with the local culture and attempting to learn the language. It was time to see if we could make the dream come true.

Unfortunately we lost Horace one year later in April 2013 aged almost 22, but we were so glad we brought him because he had a wonderful year in Turkey before becoming ill.



  1. I really would like to follow / subscribe to your blog but have a Hotmail account. How can I do this? joannaoman8@hotmail.com

  2. Thank you for your interest, I am trying to find out for you. As you can see from the blog this is new to us. In the meantime if anyone else can answer this question please feel free to do so.

  3. Hi I have just found your blog through the pictures on the Fetihye site of the Calis Christmas fayre/market...so lovely to read about your life in Turkey, my friend has a (holiday) villa in Uzumulu, we visit often, and amazingly I work in the same field that you did...and can identify with what you say. We are considering our options in retiring to Uzumu too...
    Thanks for writing such great accounts of things...loving it all. x

    1. Thank you Susan for your lovely comments. We are so pleased you are enjoying reading about our lives here in Turkey. All I can say Susan is that we have absolutely no regrets about coming to live here we love it here and not a day goes past when we don't thank our lucky stars that we were brave enough to make the decision to come here full time. We hope to see you here one day!

  4. Hi, I've been searching for hours about weather in uzumulu for february and march but keep getting mixed answers, I don't suppose you could give some advice on the weather, is it still warm enough for shorts and vest tops any days or should I be bringing just winter clothes. i'd be very greatful if you have time to reply, thanks :)

  5. Hi Natalie, February and March are our rainy, stormy months of the year, so have a good waterproof jacket and shoes. It can be quite cold especially at night, but there can also be some sunny days when it can be quite warm. By March you should start to get some days for shorts and T shirts - especially if you are used to UK weather. But the evenings will be chilly as soon as the sun goes down. In honesty you need to come prepared for anything the weather is very changeable then. You could be lucky or unlucky with the weather.You will more than likely catch one of our spectacular storms!