Monday, 1 January 2018

A sunny start to 2018

We've done things differently this New Year. Breaking with our tradition of drinking copious amounts of alcohol and partying until the small hours on New Year's Eve, this year we had just two or three drinks, a humble meal of ham, egg and chips and were in bed by 11.00 pm.

Consequently instead of spending New Year's Day slobbing around the house nursing hideous hangovers, we were up early and off down to Calis to watch the crazy people who had agreed to dip in the winter sea for charity. This is an annual fund raising event for the Calis Children's Charity - a very worthy cause - that has run for several years but today was the first time we had actually gone down to watch, mainly because one of our friends was insane enough to be doing it and we wanted to support him.

Beautiful Calis in the winter sunshine

Well the sun does shine on the righteous, because it was a fabulously sunny day to be at the seaside and Calis looked very beautiful. We were amazed how many people turned up to watch and support the participants, the promenade and the restaurants were packed with people enjoying the day.

People were out in force to support the event

Even mermaids love an Efes!

The man with the 'Golden Gun'!

It is a tradition that the participants wear outrageous costumes and this was certainly upheld this year. Whilst waiting for the 1.00 pm swim to commence mermaids happily chatted to animals and James Bond made an appearance complete with golden gun!

All those taking part completed the obligatory 5 minutes up to their neck in the sea to achieve their sponsorships, and a large amount of money was raised which will go to help children in need and the local animal charity. Well done you all!

I videoed the entire event, but unfortunately when I came to put in on the blog, it has disappeared, so you will have to take my word for the fact that hundreds of people watched the event and applauded the bathers admirably when they had competed the 5 minutes in the sea.  

Every year since I can remember I have made numerous New Year's resolutions and to date I can't remember a single one I have achieved. So this year I have made none and maybe, just maybe I will amaze myself by managing to succeed in one of the old ones! 

A very Happy New Year to you all. May 2018 be a wonderful year for you. We wish you health and happiness. 

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