Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 - gone in a flash!

I thought when I moved here that lovely as it would be, I may get bored and would need some kind of interest to keep my brain active.  Hence, I began the Fogie's blog. However, the reality is that time flies by faster than I  can remember at any other point in my life, and I have become possibly the worst blogger in the world. The irony is that I constantly write pieces in my head, whilst I'm busy. They just never seem to get written down. I take photos as we travel around and think 'they are interesting', but they never get put on the blog either! So with the enthusiasm of a new year and all it's resolutions I make a last ditch attempt to keep it running, before I have to finally admit defeat and accept that a blogger I am not!

2016 has been and gone and I almost can't believe it.

After my trip back to the UK in May of course I missed my family but it was still wonderful to be home. Incredibly the dogs had behaved themselves while I was away and in my absence David had managed to finish putting up our new fence and do some more of painting the house.

Turkish houses favour orangey colours which I like least, so when the house needed repainting I wanted a complete change. David was not convinced at all, but went along with it to humour me and now agrees with my decision, which was to paint the window and door frames dark and to change the render from yellow to light grey. But with sixteen windows and six doors it has taken ages to do the woodwork alone. The render still awaits it's turn in the grand scheme of things. For the moment he has moved on to my next 'urgent project' laying more paving and kerb stones in front of the house, which is the last piece of the garden which involves hard landscaping.

The garden which is my domain whilst David is still building and doing maintenance work, needed some serious attention on my return, so I buckled down to that. I remember over the past few years being inordinately jealous of people who moved here into new villas and had the money to have their gardens landscaped. I also remember some of your responses to that, saying that at the end of the day we would have greater satisfaction in what we had accomplished the hard way. Well. I have to bow to your greater superiority because last year I could walk around the garden and say they are from the seeds that so and so friend brought us, that is from the cutting that so and so gave us, that is the 5tl plant from the car boot etc., etc. At last we are getting somewhere and it does seem to be slowly improving.

Last year was a big year for spending time with visitors from the Uk. The first guests came in January, the first time we have had people staying with us out of season, and the last in October. We must have introduced dozens of new people to our wonderful village by now, and without exception they all love it too. It's so different from the main tourist strip which most people coming to stay in Turkey see. In September we had four family members and eight friends all either staying with us or locally at one time! We were delighted that 2016 also brought our first visit from one of our grandchildren unaccompanied for the first time. What fun we had showing him and his girlfriend around the area on what was their first ever visit to Turkey - a whirlwind tour!

Seven years ago when we bought our house next to a mountain, we said that one day we would have to go up it and have a look around. Well it took seven years but we finally did just that a few weeks ago, we took a barbecue and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with friends. It's like a different world up there, with amazing views and I will write more of that visit later.

We loved our trip up our mountain

Another first for us was a trip around the peninsula above Fethiye harbour. We had no idea that there were so many coves for picnicking and swimming, or how dreadful the road surface was as we meandered around huge potholes and debris.

View back across to Fethiye harbour from the peninsula

Another day out we thoroughly enjoyed was to Patara. We spent the morning looking around the ruins - well worth a visit- and then lunch on the beach and a swim. 

The theatre at Patara ruins .....

... then an afternoon on the lovely Patara beach. A great day out
2016 was the first full year that we had a vehicle, and it opened up our lives more than we ever imagined. It may be old - like us - but having the Fogiemobile has meant we can get to all the places we have wanted to visit for such a long time.

So what will 2017 bring the Fogies? It's started well with a sunny morning, although it's jolly cold when the sun goes in. We are looking forward to more trips out. I am returning yet again to England in May to attend my daughter's wedding. We already have 3 lots of vistors with flights booked to come and see us again and it's looking likely that two couples who are great friends of ours will be taking the plunge and coming to live permanently in the village. Looking like another busy year already. Bring it on!

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