Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A sad day, but life goes on ....

When I posted my last blog piece full of excitement and hope of living a more normal life now that most of our building work nears completion, little did I know that, that very same evening life would give us another knock.

Every night when we are finished outside and come in, we check that our cat Inca is in before we shut the front door. Inca as many of you will know from previous posts is a most anti social cat who by choice lives mostly upstairs. However, in the summer months she will wander about the back garden which she loves as it is a peaceful haven away from the dogs and the hurly burly of everyday normal life.

When we moved here she was very lucky to actually get here. When she did she spent the first few days up the chimney and repeated this when new animals came into the house. When we had lots of people around during the week we got married two years ago she huffed off up the mountain and after several days we thought we had lost her. But she returned after around a week when everyone had left again. You can read more about how difficult she was in many previous blog posts including her story in Meet Inca aka Hissing Sid

Anyway I digress. David came in for the evening and before he shut the front door I went upstairs to check that Inca was back indoors. I couldn't see her so I checked under the sofa in our upstairs office (one of her favourite hidey holes) and was extremely shocked and upset to find her dead!

She was laying as though she was asleep, and we can only assume that she had a heart attack. Maybe because of the heat? Who knows. But she looked extremely peaceful as though she had passed away in her sleep. She was seventeen years old but was the absolute picture of health with no signs of any illness at all. So we bade farewell to the last of the three animals that we had brought with us from the UK when we moved here, as she joined the others under the tree in the corner of our garden.

Because it was so unexpected, we were in shock for several days and it has taken me this long to find the strength to write about our loss. A sad, sad day. RIP Inca

However, life goes on and we have continued to beaver away with our projects. The garden is really coming together now, and we have been able to have a final tidy up and move the heaps of building materials from our drive and clean it for the first time in a long, long time. It is wonderful to come home to a comparatively normal house rather than the building site that has greeted us for the last two years since we began the work.

As David's shed is now complete it has been an absolute pleasure to help him move his tools and bits and pieces into it from the wood store and all around the house. So now we have storage space back in the house and the wood is finally in the wood shed instead of sitting in the drive.

David is like a child at Christmas playing with his new toys, as he is in his shed at every opportunity, sorting it out, and even sitting in it to drink his coffee. We have laughed and said we could hang a hammock in it and get a small TV and he could move out there for the summer. He is like a man obsessed!

The flower seeds I planted are coming through and it is lovely to see a bit of colour back in the garden. The peaches are virtually ready and I shall soon be making jam and chutney from those for the store cupboard.

I normally avoid commenting on anything other than our own lives in the blog, but I have been devastated to see the coverage in some of the UK press about the dangers of holidaying in Turkey, and just have to comment on this one. There are so many Turkish people who rely on tourism for their livelihood and need to earn enough money during the summer months to keep their families all year round and I find it very sad indeed that the press are publishing the articles that they are.

Yes terrorism is a threat. Not in Turkey particularly but worldwide. They don't mention that Britain is also on high alert, preferring the sensationalism of slamming Turkey. We feel as safe here as we would if we were in the UK. It could happen anywhere. I just hope that people are sensible enough to find out for themselves rather than cancelling their holidays on the back of these articles.

Tomorrow is the day of the monthly second hand sale in Fethiye, so we all know where I will be in the morning. I wonder what bargains I will find this time. I'll let you know.


  1. Hello, I am not sure if you will be able to see this. But here I go. I am actually Turkish. My husband is English and we are thinking of moving to Turkey and one of the areas that I am looking is Uzumlu. Are you happy there? Do you have any English Friends living in close by? I am just worried about my husband as he cant speak Turkish and I do not want to be unfair on him so looking to move where at least some English Community exist?

  2. My email address is elifchambers@yahoo.co.uk

  3. Hi Elif, I am so sorry that I have only just noticed your comment. I have emailed you.