Sunday, 12 April 2015

Yesiluzumlu Mushroom Festival 2015

Today is the last day of the annual three day mushroom Festival and yesterday we wandered down to join the festivities. It seems strange to see our village which is normally so quiet heaving with visitors. The roads through the middle of the village are closed to traffic and trade stands and make shift cafes are spread along the streets. It really is a great atmosphere to be there with everyone in festive mode.

We did notice that there were not nearly as many stands as in previous years, and speaking as someone who loves to wander and browse the wares it seemed a shame. But nevertheless I did manage to make a couple of purchases.

Some lovely things on the stands

I bought two bundles of garden canes, a couple of plaques for the garden and of course a couple of bottles of Uzumlu wine. I have learnt now that it is not a good idea to drink the Uzumlu wine and then go out afterwards. Last year with family we had a very pleasant afternoon whiling away the afternoon sipping Uzumlu wine by the pool. It was our wedding anniversary and we went out in the evening for a meal with family and friends. Unfortunately after imbibing during the afternoon I found I was almost incapable of speech throughout the evening, so this time it will be savoured at home on a day we intend staying there!

There is a great choice of items made from dastar the cloth which Uzumlu is known for and has been made here for hundreds of years, and a wide selection of village foods.

Lots of village food on offer too

A lot of villagers are making gözleme (pancakes) and along with the normal fillings, mantar mushrooms are an option because it is these mushrooms which are what the festival is actually all about. However, we opted for a kofte kebab and a coffee, sitting at tables and chairs which were set out in the middle of what is a road when the festival is not on.

Gözleme being cooked everywhere ...........
........ you're spoilt for choice ......

...... and then eat it in the street

Usually when the Festival is on we can hear the evening concert at home, but this year we have had high winds from a different direction to normal and it has scuppered our chances of hearing it. However, I understand that the village square was packed and that it has been highly successful again.

Long may the festival continue it is so nice to see so many visitors enjoying what Uzumlu has to offer.

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