Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April is a big month for the Fogies

April is definitely one of the most momentous months for us. On an everyday basis it is the month when we begin to change from winter mode into summer one. The outdoor furniture goes back outside, the terrace starts to be an additional room in everyday use, the pool is cleaned and prepared for the season, the heating goes off, and most important of all - sunshine starts to be regular rather than a spasmodic affair.

Of course the sunshine means that we can get outside again and David is doing well with his building tasks and the garden is looking fairly good. In the veggie garden peas and broad beans are almost ready to start picking, we are already eating lettuce and the leeks and onions are doing well. But we have high hopes for the fruit trees this year. Plums and peaches are looking good, but more importantly we look as though we should at long last, five years since planting, get our first apricots and our first mulberries.We did unfortunately lose our lemon tree to the hard frosts this winter so we have to accept that Uzumlu and lemon trees do not mix - we were warned - and replace it with something else.

In the village life changes too. The goats and donkeys start to reappear and a few days ago we watched the first nomadic herd coming along the road and off up to the mountains for the summer. The shops, cafes and restaurants step up a gear with longer opening hours and summer menus. The village of course also hosts the three day mushroom festival which is great fun. Summer is in the air!

First large herd of sheep and goats going past our house this year

But April is also a big month for us on a personal level. It was April when we first saw and fell in love with our present home. It was Friday April 13th when we moved here together with our animals and incredibly we are now into our fourth year of living here. April 19th was David's 67th birthday and April 23rd was our pups (sisters) 2nd birthday.

We don't bother to go out much other than shopping in the winter, but this month we have ventured down the hill to Fethiye, Calis and Oludeniz and it's great to feel like going out and about again. We love to wander along Fethiye harbour and to take in the stunning views of the bay over a coffee. We see that early holiday makers have now arrived and the town is starting to have it's summer buzz.

Pit stop for coffee and to take in the wonderful view

One of the things we love about being here is that you never quite know what you are going to see, and last time we went to Fethiye we saw a car with it's number plate fixed to the back by putting it in a picture frame, and as we were crossing the road, suddenly along came a band dressed in traditional costume followed by hundreds of school children carrying plaques marching down the road and all the traffic ground to a halt as they made their way through the streets.

Out shopping and suddenly .. a band!

In Calis last week the beaches were still empty, although the sun loungers were piled up in the car park ready to go out, and the shops and restaurants are getting ready for the season. The activity in Oludeniz was manic as all the businesses were busy preparing for the new season to begin. The atmosphere was electric.

One small boy thoroughly enjoying Calis beach to himself, but not for much longer.

Today has been really hot. 42C in our garden and the local goats have taken over our pile of sand as their resting place. Bless!

So all in all we're feeling good and looking forward to a long hot summer.


  1. Lovely update...I am just packing my case to come out :-)

    1. Thanks Susan. Then pack all your summer dresses, if this weather continues you'll need them!

  2. Your garden is well in advance of ours.

    1. Really? Certainly it's our best year yet. Although there is probably some mulberry tree infestation we haven't heard of yet that will take hold before we get our fruit knowing our luck!

  3. Ferienparadies in der Türkei- Fethiye

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