Friday, 27 March 2015

It's so hard to say goodbye ...

A few days ago our poorly cat Çingene passed away during the night. We miss her so much. As I had explained in previous posts she suffered from a viral infection - picked up during her life on the streets and also chronic kidney disease. She came here for terminal care (prognosis a few weeks - months at best) almost three years ago, so she did well and we feel blessed to have been able to show her a loving life in the country after her years of struggling to survive on the urban streets.

After a couple of weeks of being quite poorly, she seemed to be a lot better. We enjoyed a few really hot sunny days and she was able to go out again to visit her old haunts. On the third day of her going out to enjoy the sunshine she did not seem so well again, so I brought her back in the house and settled her in her bed with her hot water bottle. The following day, she refused to eat and her condition deteriorated throughout the day. By evening she was almost unconscious and she slipped away peacefully during the night.

It was as if she had rallied to revisit her favourite places before she said goodbye. She is buried in the garden of her haven alongside her friends Peggy, Horace and Tyson. 

She will be fondly remembered for:

Her appreciation of home comforts

Her love of the dogs

 Her fussy eating

 Her demanding behaviour

 and those beautiful eyes

 RIP Çingene we will see you again at Rainbow Bridge one day.