Friday, 9 January 2015

High winds, freezing temperatures and the dramas continue

After discovering yesterday that we had a problem with our solar panels - in that water was pouring off the roof - the maintenance guys arrived by early afternoon to investigate what had caused the problem. In typical Turkish fashion they placed a tall ladder on the icy paving and in the most horrendous windy conditions climbed onto the roof without a thought of health and safety to have a look at what was going on. The terrible wind was so strong that it kept dragging both the ladder and David who was attempting to hold it still for them, along the paving.

Anyway, luckily the verdict was that the panels apparently have a bung on them which is designed for this very purpose and in fact had done exactly what it was supposed to do by popping out before the panels were damaged. Obviously they had to replace the anti-freeze and refill the panels, but about 20 minutes later they were up and running again and at a cost of only 65tl (under £20) - result!

The problem with the bathroom as we expected looks a lot more expensive and the guys are going to come back after their spate of weather related call outs to have a better look and cost it for us. He thinks it is likely that a drainage pipe from the bathroom is leaking and causing the problem so we have to wait to see what happens with that one.

So after a fairly miserable day we sat down early evening to eat our dinner and watch TV and at 08.15 pm the electric went off. We waited until 10.00 sitting in the quiet by candle light and I finally gave up hope of it coming back on and retired to bed with my hot water bottle and kindle. The high winds continued throughout the night.

This morning I woke at 07.30 am and it was so cold that it took me until 9.00 am to find the will power to get out of bed. Looking out of the bedroom window I noticed that even more screening had come of the railings in the high winds - great!

Downstairs I discover that we still have no electricity, the entire house is freezing and to add to the misery we also have no water! David in his wisdom had announced yesterday that he was going to turn the mains stopcock off for the night in case the panel bung went again in the night. We had a 'discussion' about this as I did not think it was a very good idea. However, apparently after I had gone to bed last night David had done just that. When he went to turn it back on this morning (before I was up) he found that it had frozen in the night and therefore trying to turn it back on he managed to snap the handle off!

Here we are then frozen and no water again and of course no internet. We have central heating in the house fired by a wood burner in the sitting room. But of course we could only let it tick over because with no electric to drive the pump, we can't let the water in the back boiler get too hot. We do have back up heating in the form of ufo infra-red heaters and our air conditioning system which will also blow out hot air. But of course they all need electricity to run. Another lesson in living in Turkey in the winter, we will buy gas heaters before next winter as a back up too.

The maintenance men came very quickly to our call out and replaced the broken stopcock handle, so by mid-day we had water back and by boiling water in a saucepan were able to have a cup of coffee or two. Another thing for the shopping list a gas hob kettle!

To great excitement and whoops of joy the electric came on at lunchtime, then immediately dashed our hopes of being warm again by going off 30 seconds later. Finally after numerous phone calls to Aydem and calling out the local electrician we now have power again. We were off for 17 hours, the longest spell we have ever had.

Greater women than me probably take all this drama in their stride. However, I am afraid that being cold is the one thing in life that makes my horns grow and I become a nasty, mean minded misery. Luckily David has lived with me for long enough to know to humour me and not take up the gauntlet that I constantly throw at his feet. He is a good man.

At least for now we have heat, water and my good humour back and the temperature has crawled up to a balmy 6 degrees, maybe things are set to improve.


  1. Well Bor, thas a rumun, you havin no lectric and froozen wa'er. You'll hatter hev a fire in the middle uv the room and mearke a hole in the rooff to let the smook owt jus loike my uncle useter do.
    Any rode,
    Happy New Year ter ya both

  2. Haha! We may have to resort to that yet! Happy New Year to you too!