Saturday, 17 January 2015

Life is back to normal again

Following on from our week of having power cuts, no water and no internet, on Thursday the power went off yet again. After a short while it came back on and with it the Internet returned. However, by the time we had moved the table back into the kitchen that we had moved in order to be able to plug the computer into the ethernet cable, the power had gone off again. We had no power for most of the day finally it was restored early evening and for the first time in over a week we had all services working together. Consequently yesterday I was able to heat the water and joy of joys have a shower for the first time in days - bliss!

This morning we have the other missing ingredient - the sunshine! How lovely to see that again. It is currently only 10 degrees on our terrace but the wind has dropped and after the recent weather it feels quite warm outside.

It will be fantastic to be able to get outside again. We are expecting a tonne of wood to be delivered today, so David's job will be stacking that in the log store. One of my jobs for the day is to hoover the pool to clear all the debris that the recent high winds have dumped in it.

Every year so far we have had to empty the pool in the spring and refill it. Obviously in the early years when we just came over for holidays it was refilled every year, as it was not worth maintaining it for a maximum of 6 weeks use each year. In those days we used a maintenance company to care for it and they did a really good job. However, when we moved here our budget did not run to this luxury, so we had to take the job on ourselves. As neither of us had ever had a pool before it was a terrifying prospect but a necessity.

We moved here in April 2012 so we arranged for our previous maintenance guy to come and fill it and set it up for us. He was supposed to show us how to maintain it. But I think a combination of his poor English and our non existent Turkish coupled with the fact that he wanted us to fail as he was upset to be losing the work meant that we didn't really understand what we should do. Therefore it wasn't very long before that fact started to show, with the water turning green it looked more like a pond - not conducive to wanting to swim!

It got so bad in the end that we had to pay another pool company to come and show us again. Because David returned to England for almost three months that summer the pool maintenance fell to me and it was a daunting prospect but I soon got into the swing of it and by the time he returned I had a pretty good system going.

By spring 2013 it was clear that the pool needed re-grouting and as we were busy with the preparations of our wedding we paid a company to come and do this for us. Unfortunately the job they did was not at all satisfactory, so last year we emptied it again and did it ourselves. That is the 'Royal we' of course as this was actually David.

Previously in the winter months we have just left the water alone knowing that we would change the water in the spring. This year I have been hoovering it fairly regularly in an attempt to keep it cleaner. So far I am managing to keep it looking fairly presentable so it shouldn't be too hard to sort it in a few weeks to bring it back into action again.

A lot of people half empty there pools here during the winter months. We have heard horrible tales of people's animals drowning because they have fallen in their pools and because the water was low they were not able to get themselves out. As all of our dogs and most of the cats have at some time fallen in the pool we leave our pool full throughout the winter rather than take that risk.

We are hoping that because we are using the same water it will make a difference to the water temperature, in that it will warm up sooner. The new water is really cold and takes several weeks before you can get in it without a shock. Hopefully the sunny spring days will warm the water earlier. That's the theory anyway. We will see how it goes, coming to live in Turkey is a sharp learning curve.

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