Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A funny old week for the services

When the electricity came back on Friday afternoon after a 17 hour cut, we thought our problems were over - wrong! The electricity went off again in the evening and was off through the night and for most of Saturday too. We can tell when the electric comes back on because the fridge gives a kick and starts to hum and the phone/internet equipment all starts flashing, this happened several times but before we could so much as even reach for the kettle, it was off again. This went on for hour after hour until we finally became immune to these tantalising moments, so when it did finally come on to stay it was several minutes before we could believe it was true.

Then we lost the Internet connection for the best part of two days. Currently the Internet is back but without any wifi so I can only connect by using an ethernet lead, This has meant that to use the computer I have had to move our dining table out of the kitchen area and put it beside the cupboard in the sitting room that the the router sits on, take the cable out of our internet phone and put it in the computer, which of course then has to be put back in the phone if we need to make a call. Plus of course we have no idea if anyone is trying to call us while the phone is out of action. Not very satisfactory but the world stops going around if we have no Internet. 

Not having any transport and living quite a way outside the village, we only tend to go out if we really need to go somewhere - especially in the winter. So we do not often get to see other people very much. We therefore, rely on the internet to keep us in touch with what is going on in the area. We are lucky in that there are several Facebook pages dedicated to both the village and the Fethiye area in general and by using them we can see what is happening outside our little bubble.

But also as I mentioned above we have an Internet phone system that allows us to call friends and family in the UK and the US without charges, so although we can revert to our Turkish land line we would only use that for important local calls.

We do not have an all singing all dancing mobile phone with internet so we can only connect to our blog when we have it on the computer which is also a nuisance.

Then there is the television for which we are also reliant on an Internet connection. You don't realise how reliant you have become on all the modern technology until in a moment it is whisked away from you.

Anyway, making do with the computer in the wrong place and losing our table in the process, we carry on until the problem is fully resolved.

On Monday morning our water suddenly stopped. This is a situation we are quite used to here, usually happening at the very moment when I go out to water the plants in the garden in the summer. Consequently we have loads of bottles of water spread around the house for this very purpose. They are in each bathroom for flushing the toilet and washing. They are in the kitchen for washing up etc. and then we have a large bottle on the water cooler for drinking. For normal water service cuts these get us by easily and we thought we had this eventuality covered. But this time we have been off for just over three days and the water had long since been used. 

Luckily it has been raining so we had resorted to collecting rainwater by putting large funnels in the top of our water bottles and spreading them around the garden and that just got us through. The water came back on around an hour ago and we have already refilled all of our water containers in case like the electricity it is just a brief show before it goes off again. It is ironic that with so much rain and water laying everywhere that nothing comes out of the tap.

But this is Turkey and these things happen here. We have learnt to chill and go with the flow. Does it put us off ,living here? No way, we still see our cup as half full rather than half empty. In just a few weeks we look forward to another glorious summer and outdoor living stretching ahead of us again. We  certainly are looking forward to that.

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