Friday, 1 August 2014

My day out to the Charity shops

I do realise that many of you will think I am a crazy woman, but today I have had a brilliant day - visiting the local charity shops. Earlier in the week a friend mentioned that they were going to pick something up from the Embrace Charity shop on Friday. Lover of charity shops that I am I had actually never been to that particular one for some reason, so I invited myself along to have a look.

Embrace Charity shop

So this morning off we went to Günlükbaşı where their shop is based. I bought two books, a blow up boat for my grand daughter to have in the pool and a toilet seat! You see you never know where you are going to find those really useful things! I was really interested to hear about the work that Embrace do with providing funding for children with health issues. Embrace have been running for around 6 years and during that time have helped school children with eye tests, and providing medication and glasses as required. More recently they have provided hi-tech hearing aids for four children thereby transforming their lives. A worthwhile cause I am sure you will all agree.

One of today's purchases - a boat for Rosie

It seemed a shame to be so close to Çaliş and not pop in to the 3C's shop based under the Eyna restaurant on the sea front.  This charity was also set up to enhance the lives of local, disadvantaged children and over the last few years they have raised a staggering amount of money which has made a real difference to so many children's lives. Also they are responsible for organising two of my most favourite things - the winter car boots and the excellent Çaliş Christmas Fair. You see you don't just improve the children's lives that you help, you improve mine too by providing with me with the opportunity to attend these excellent events. Thank you 3C's!

I found two items to purchase a pair of trousers and a dress - very nice. I spent a long time looking at some net curtain material which would have gone perfectly with the new curtains I bought earlier this week, but unfortunately I had to accept in the end that there just was not quite enough for my needs. Of course it was impossible to go there without partaking in one of the restaurant's excellent English breakfasts and superb cups of coffee.

Eyna never disappoint with their English breakfast

Well having got this far it was obvious we should also stop at the Animal Aid Charity shop in Günlükbaşı on the way back. You all know this is a charity very close to my heart and the difference they have made to the lives of hundreds of street dogs and cats over the years is phenomenal. Here I found a pair of flip flops - unusual because being size 8 I normally have a problem buying shoes here, a swim suit and a jumper. Very happy.

Animal Aid shop - picture taken on their opening day last year

Earlier today I had requested more information about a sewing machine I had seen advertised and whilst we were riding around the lady rang, so we arranged to go on to Hisaronu to see it. It looked perfect for my needs, so we bought that too. Now I just have to dredge up my old sewing skills unused for many years and then I can do all those little jobs that need doing! Those of you who read the post on my efforts to make the cats beds last year will be thinking "Yea right" - I know! So time will tell whether this was a prudent purchase or not.

This morning I copied a video onto my personal Facebook page which had impressed me. It showed a homeless man begging in the street - you may have seen it. A young lad leant down and asked him if he could borrow the bucket that the man had beside him with his bedding roll in. The man was obviously very confused by this request but eventually he hesitantly gave him the bucket. The young lad promptly put his hat on the floor, turned the bucket upside down and began to play it like a drum. Passers by started to slow down and stop to watch him 'playing' this bucket. After a few minutes a second young man arrived and sat the other side of the beggar and began to play a guitar he had with him and to sing. More people stopped to watch. Another few moments went by and a young lady came and sat next to him and harmonised with the singer. By now many people were standing around watching this impromptu concert and were putting money in the hat that the lad had placed. When they had finished the song, the first lad thanked the man for the loan of his bucket and gave him the hat full of money as payment for the loan. As they walked away the lad got a new hat out of his bag and put on his head, leaving the homeless man with not only the money but also a new hat.

Later this morning I noticed this video on my Facebook news feed from another person who had posted it. Below it somebody had commented what a waste of time this was. It would only buy the guy a sandwich and a cup of tea for today. What good did that do for tomorrow and all the other days? That it was not sorting the problem for the homeless people. To my mind this is just the kind of attitude that does not help. The point is that these three youngsters did something. For a few moments that man felt supported and valued, was going to eat and had a new hat!

Today the lady at the Embrace Charity shop told me that each hi-tech hearing aid they supply costs 5,000 tl. Now we spent 5 tl in that shop today buying our bits that had been donated. Which means that they needed another 999 customers spending the same, to purchase just one of these aids. Yet to date they have supplied four. Can you imagine hearing birds sing or your mother's voice for the first time at 15 years of age? You see together we do make a difference.

So my message is that if you have loads of money and wouldn't be seen dead buying items in a charity shop then have a sort out and donate some unwanted items. If like us you live on a tight budget, visit them - you find some amazing bargains and all our small individual inputs do make a difference to the world.

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