Thursday, 31 July 2014

A totally wasted afternoon

As I mentioned in my last post, we are planning to be 'on holiday' next week, so we have been deciding where we would like to go. Obviously we can't go far as in the interests of having a modicum of  furniture left on our return we are not able to leave the pups for too long at a time. But we have thought of a few places that are not too far from home and we are really looking forward to having some time away from gardening and work.

In my wisdom and in the interests of keeping costs down I thought it would be a good idea to plan ahead and do some baking, so that we have some decent food to take for picnics, rather than having to go to the expense of eating out. So with this thought in mind a couple of days ago I made two cheese and onion flans (one of my favourites) and put in the freezer ready for next week. Yesterday I decided to make two quiches but this plan did not go quite so well!

I made two pastry cases and while they were in the fridge for a while and then being baked blind, I prepared the fillings - one mushroom and one with onions, peppers and sucuk. All was going very well. Just as I was ready to put them together and pop in the oven, our friend Eddie arrived with some curtains which he had very kindly picked up for us from Fethiye. Of course being the marvellous hosts we are, we offered him a nice cold Efes for his trouble and then sat and chatted for an hour. After he left and by then not feeling quite so much like cooking (after relaxing with an Efes on the terrace), I went back to the kitchen to carry on with my flans.

I have to say I am amazed by my own stupidity sometimes. I poured the fillings in with the eggs and milk/cream mix ready to bake. The first problem was that I had put one of the cases in a loose bottom flan tin and the liquid all ran out of the bottom of the tin and poured all over the worktop and the floor - duh! I tried to get it out to put in a better tin, but couldn't so moved to plan b which was to put that flan tin in a larger one with a solid bottom. The first one I tried was not quite big enough but I got it stuck on the huh half in and half out. As it was completely stuck I thought oh well I would bake it anyway with just the mushrooms in and we would eat it for tea because it would not be that nice. So in the oven they went.

Back to the new curtains. Well not quite new, you know me by now! I had spotted the curtains on the local for sale site and they looked perfect for our bedroom. As Eddie had picked them up for us, I had not actually seen them other than in a photograph, so I thought while the flans were cooking I would take them upstairs and see how they would look. I was so impressed I asked David to bring the ladder up and hang two of them to get the full affect and to pin the bottoms because I knew they would need to be taken up. Of course busy with my splendid new curtains I forgot the flans in the oven.

Suddenly I remembered the flans, ran downstairs and got them out of the oven. They were rather overcooked - OK burnt - but still looked edible under the black crust, so I put them on the back of the worktop to cool down and went back upstairs to fold up and put the curtains in a bag ready to go to the tailors to be taken up, while David took the ladder back out to the garden. We both heard a thud from the kitchen and on running in from different directions we found that the dogs had managed to reach the mushroom flan which was by now on the floor with no filling at all just a pastry case, and they were just reaching for the other one. It doesn't say much for my pastry!

So basically I spent all afternoon cooking the dogs a flan. By now I had lost the will to live with the idea of more cooking, so we ate the other one for tea.

Thief 1 - Yes Bebek you may well lick your lips! .................

......................... and thief 2 Big Red who at least has the decency to look slightly guilty!

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