Saturday, 31 May 2014

May just flew by ....

When we dreamt of retiring to the sun, we imagined long, hot days stretching out before us filled with ambling around enjoying the scenery, reading books, swimming and laying by the pool - wrong! The reality is the equivalent of a full time job, sorting the garden and looking after our waifs and strays - four dogs and three cats. But does it matter - no!

We should finish the major work in the garden this year Inshallah,, and we are already enjoying the part we did last year, so we are driven now by the fact that we believe it will be lovely when we have finished. We are really cracking on and are well into the second half of our planned courtyard garden as well as having finished off the part we began last year. We now have the framework over our outdoor sofa for plant support and shade, and this week we have put a fence between the veggie garden and the courtyard which will stop the dogs trampling the vegetables and again provide support for plants. It will of course take time for the plants to develop and do their job, but we reckon that in a couple of years it should be starting to look as we imagined.

Lady muck enjoying the outdoor sofa - great spot for that power nap in the afternoon!

All the compost we have dug into the soil in the vegetable garden is really making a difference. The soil structure is now quite different and we are reaping the benefits of a much improved harvest. So far this year we have frozen a huge bag of peas, we are currently freezing down broad beans and I have made two batches of strawberry conserve from our own strawberries. We have lettuce, rocket, mustard and radish ready, the tomatoes and cucumbers are nearly ready and today I plan to pick the first of the runner beans. I have planted several herbs among the plants in the courtyard garden, so we also have a ready supply of oregano, coriander, parsley, mint, thyme and dill. The peaches are almost ready and for the first year since planting joy of joys, we have one apricot on the apricot tree, so maybe next year apricot jam could be on the menu!

The first of this year's crop of lovely fresh, sweet homegrown peas.

But it isn't all work and no play. Eldest son Paul and his wife came over earlier this month and together with friends we enjoyed an excellent meal to celebrate our first wedding anniversary at The Grape Garden in the village. Unfortunately cracking open a bottle of Uzumlu wine to drink by the pool before we set off was not the best idea I ever had. Potent stuff! I was more than a little squiffy for the evening out, had to go straight to bed on our return and took two days to recover! Hence unfortunately the photos from our evening out are not up to my normal standard!

Fabulous meal at The Grape Garden to celebrate our first wedding anniversary with family and friends.

In my last post I wrote about the lovely people we have met since moving here and two of the loveliest we met because of a cat! Two years ago a couple from Scotland on holiday here found a cat in appalling condition at Fethiye Fish market. They asked Animal Aid for help and donated money towards her veterinary fees and upkeep. To cut a long story short ( I will write her story on the blog soon), she ended up with us. Understandably, the couple wanted to know how she was doing and we were asked by Animal Aid if we would email them with an update from time to time. This I did and for the past two years every time they visit their house in Ovacik we meet up for a meal there. This week we visited them again, enjoyed a fabulous meal and excellent company as always. They have undoubtedly become friends for life.

Thomas our cat that suffered quite a serious road accident has been given the all clear from the vet and is now back outside chasing butterflies again, albeit with a limp! The vet X-rayed his hip and the broken bone has mended well. However, he suffered severe muscle damage and it will take time for that to fully recover. But he is a happy boy to be back to normal living. We just hope and pray he has learned to stay well away from the road.

Thomas happy to be back outside also enjoys a siesta on the outdoor sofa between chasing butterflies

Feeling deprived by the absence of the 3C's car boots through the summer, I have been going to the second hand sale in Fethiye for my 'buying junk' fix. Yes I did manage to come home with a bag or three of 'things' I just had to have!

But my major find has been two beautiful old carved wood chairs being sold cheaply by a hotel in Hisaronu. These are resplendent in the bedrooms as we know beyond all doubt that Red would confuse them for dog food if they were in the sitting room. Bless! She has eaten virtually all our furniture downstairs now and has made a good start on the plants in the front garden. One day she appeared round the corner with an entire honeysuckle bush trailing behind her. I could have cried as it had just got to an impressive size on our wall. I did think that she must be the most expensive puppy in the world through the cost of the damages and I may be able to get her into the Guinness Book of Records as such. But when I googled to see the most expensive puppy it was a Tibetan Mastiff sold in March of this year for $2 million (almost £1.2 million) so I can't even recoup some of the losses that way!

"I don't know what you mean - I've been picking roses again - ridiculous idea, I found it on the sofa!"

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