Monday, 3 March 2014

The Fogies are tickled pink

Unbeknown to us last September Saga Magazine asked it's readers to submit blogs written by people over 50. The suggestions they received were whittled down to just eleven and Wow! we were delighted to hear that Fethiye Fogies was included in their choice.

As we were not even aware that we had been put forward this was an incredible surprise. Thank you so much for putting us forward we couldn't be more pleased.

Credit: Saga Magazine

Saga Magazine is a journal for the over 50s and covers a range of articles geared to that age group including financial advice, gardening, holidays,  and celebrity interviews. With almost half a million subscribers it is the UK's best selling magazine.

Thank you Saga both for selecting us and allowing us to reproduce your page and thank you to the reader who submitted our blog to them. Wow!!!!!  


  1. I didn't realise you were fellow Norfolk-dumplings... I thought I was the only one to travel further than the A11!

  2. Haha! Unusual but not entirely alone Roving Jay. We are both Norfolk born and bred.

  3. Yeahy, congratualtions - especially as you didn't even know you had been submitted. What a lovely surprise. :)

    1. Thank you Julia. It was a fantastic surprise totally out of left field.

  4. Well done - the Saga magazine has a wide distribution, I'm sure you'll find you have many more readers.