Friday, 24 January 2014

What is it with car boot day and my wedding ring?

Last Sunday was car boot day - my favourite day of the month in the winter. This week was even better than usual because we had a really good friend staying with us for the weekend. She is shortly going away for a month to the US and Mexico so she made the trip from Antalya where she lives, to spend some time with us before she leaves.

So early Sunday morning we set off to the car boot. Of course I found some 'gems' - some Turkish guide books which I collect, some Turkish cookery books which I love and a lovely old brass oil lamp for our back garden unfortunately without the glass, as the people forgot to take it but hopefully I should be able to find one somewhere. Our friend also bought us a most unusual plant for the garden which we love.

This months treasure!
As usual on car boot days we went on to Eyna Restaurant on Calis seafront for a couple of cups of coffee while we waited for the 3C's charity shop to open. Normally we have a full English breakfast but this week we stuck to just coffee as we intended going out for lunch later on.

More goodies found in the charity shop - more Turkish guide books, a pair of brass candlesticks and a little brass dish which I quite liked for putting sweeties in (not that I should really be eating sweeties!) which when I had a closer look was engraved with 'David' so had to be bought!

We then went on to Fethiye to see if there was a shop open selling the glass for our new lamp. Unfortunately they were all shut so instead we had to go and have an Efes on the seafront. Parked next door to Adress Restaurant on the harbour front was a lorry with 10D cinema. Well being big kids at heart we just had to go in. We sat and watched three films and I thought is was brilliant and screamed so much I had a sore throat for the next two days! When we came out we saw what had been an empty lot now had several people standing about and noticed that outside is a TV screen showing the people who are inside while they watch the screen. That must have been a good show for them!

Just big kids at heart!
Sated with our Efes and a shared bowl of chips at the Restaurant we decided to set off to Ovacik to see if we could find somewhere for lunch. We thought we would try the Seashell Restaurant because they were doing a three course roast dinner for a really reasonable price.

Clean and spacious restaurant

Even the toilets were immaculate
The restaurant was spotlessly clean and the owners were really friendly. We had a choice of leek and potato soup or cheese rolls for starters then a choice of meat which the owner carved - we had a mix - and then you helped yourself from a large choice of vegetables. Dessert was apple crumble and custard - yummy! The meal was generous and very good value although they need to learn how to make mashed potato from my husband who is the bees knees at that, however their Yorkshire puddings were better than we make, so that levelled it out. The restaurant was empty when we arrived but very quickly filled up, so it must be popular with the locals.

Good value meal and as much as you could eat
Whilst we were waiting to be served, I thought I would have a wander around outside, because I'm nosey like that and because I thought I could take some pictures. Whilst having a wander I found a large dog tied up and went to talk to him. He got a little excited to see someone and leapt up and put his paws on my shoulders and licked my face - yes he was that big!

What a lovely 'large' boy!
 After I had given him a bit of a fuss, I rejoined the others at the table and one of them noticed that my chain was hanging broken round my neck. What does that mean? It means of course that the safe place I have put my ring for the winter months after losing it from my finger has turned out to not be so safe after all - it has gone!!!!!!!

So four of us spent the next half an hour looking for it. I even went into the toilets and removed most of my clothes to be sure it wasn't caught up in them or my boots. I had become resigned to the fact that this time I really had lost it. But my Turkish friend said I will go out now and find it because I have spoken to Ethem Dede, went outside and within minutes had it in her hand!

She explained that Ethem dede is the saint for finding lost items and that you stand behind a door (she went to the toilet door) and say this chant:-

"ethem dede, ethem dede,
gömleği keten dede,
kaybolanşeyi (the item you are looking for) bulursan,
sana üç - beş göbek atam dede"

You are asking grandfather Ethem who owns a cotton shirt to please find your object. You agree that if he finds the object for you, you will belly dance 3 - 5 times. Of course if you do not do the belly dances he will not help you next time, so she had to disappear to the toilets to carry out her pact.

All I can say is the rest of us could not find it! So we were able to return home after a busy and eventful day of wonderful company, good food and with my new treasures and my now infamous wedding ring!


  1. I've never heard of Ethem dede but I'll save this chant just in case.

    1. Yes I think that is a good idea. I need to brush up on my belly dancing though!!