Friday, 10 January 2014

A great christmas and slobbing in the new year

Well here we are back again after our Christmas/New Year break. As regular readers of our blog will be aware 2013 was an action packed year for us for a number of reasons, and my next blog post will be a review of our first whole year in Turkey.

Because we have had such a full year, we decided to have a well earned break after Christmas and we have been a pair of total slobs for the last fortnight.

But first Christmas! I have always loved Christmas and have been an advocate of a traditional Christmas at home all my life. Whilst we have embraced our new life in Turkey and all the changes moving here has inevitably brought with it, the one thing I had not managed to cut the apron strings of, was having our usual traditional Christmas complete with decorations, Christmas music, silly hats and all the food and drink that you would associate with full UK style Christmas fayre.

The dogs thoroughly enjoy Christmas too - Kizi dressed for dinner!

So, we had friends come to stay over and basically we spent the whole day eating, drinking and chatting away until the wee small hours of Boxing day. What more could you ask than to have good food, plenty to drink and wonderful company. It was a lovely, lovely day.

Cheers! Loads & loads to eat and drink

When we lived in England we both worked rather longer than normal full time hours, so over the years we had got into the habit of cleaning right through the house in the run up to Christmas, because frankly it got in a bit of a state over the months with so little time for housework. Of course old habits die hard so we have continued to do this since living here. By Christmas we were both exhausted, so next year this will be done at a different time of year maybe in the autumn. We do also 'spring clean' in the spring, meaning that twice a year all those out of reach places are cleaned thoroughly along with cupboards, curtains etc.

However, as obvious at it may seem to all of you, it has not occurred to me that this does not need to take place in the run up to Christmas any more, it can be done at any other time, which will mean we will not be as tired as we were this year after all the preparations. I think it takes time to adjust to a different way of doing things after so many years of outside influences dictating how things were done.

The funny thing is that we both came out of this Christmas no longer feeling that we have to have this traditional Christmas any more. The apron strings have finally been cut and we can try out a new Christmas Day. I feel strangely liberated by the feeling that I no longer have to conform to the Christmas I have always known before. So time will tell what we decide to do next year for Christmas, but whatever it is it will be our choice and because we can!

As we have problems with our heating system, which has not been running properly this winter, we have already burnt 4 tons of wood, and frankly there is no money for more right now, so David has joined the Turkish villagers in hunting and gathering sticks for the fire, which we now only light in the evening. This is not popular with me because I HATE the cold, it makes me go into shut down mode and I get miserable and snappy. I could actually sit and cry when I am cold, how pathetic is that? I am a sun worshipper and can't wait for the cold days to pass on by. Unfortunately we live on a tight budget, and have no choice but to sit it out. Don't think for one minute though that we have any regrets, we would both rather be poor here living in this beautiful country.

Consequently, rather than blow more money on going out, we opted to stay at home this year for New Years Eve. Our friend Eddie came round and I cooked a three course meal and we had a couple of beers. After dinner we were all incredibly tired and struggled to make midnight by telling each other ghost stories to keep us awake.

As midnight approached and we were dallying around wondering how to know when it was exactly twelve, suddenly there was a massive bang, and we rushed outside just in time to see the tail end of one of our neighbour's fireworks. How good was that!

After the celebrations, frankly we were exhausted so since the new year we have done nothing bar the essentials in life - feeding ourselves and the animals and the daily household chores. David who woke up on Boxing Day with 'Man flu' has sat like a couch potato for two weeks, watching the TV and reading his kindle. Miraculously I managed to avoid catching the cold, but have also been a blobby for the past two weeks. I have discovered silly games on the computer which I have played for hours and hours, jigsaw puzzles and read books. It has been heaven!

But we are now back to fighting fit and are looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings to our little corner of the world. We look forward to seeing family and friends over from the UK later this year, visiting new places and doing new things and maybe finishing the work in the garden at last. Who knows?


  1. So glad you had a good Christmas, we wanted to come over for the holiday seson but Lees work made that impossible and I was rushed off my feet with my clothing orders which touching a lot of wood seems to be picking up, I have a trendy little shop in Greenwich village stocking my clothes now and they seem to be doing well :) . So sorry to hear about your heating, I am just the same HATE the cold , the older I have got the worse it is so know what you mean. We will be coming over in April and cant wait as you can probable remember what thats like, I am trying to talk my daughter in coming over, so when Lee leaves to go back to the UK my daughter will arrive a couple of days before and then we can stay on for a extra week or so, and really hope we can get to your village this time, stay healthy and take care Carol xx

  2. Happy New Year to you Carol. It's great to hear your clothes are selling so well. A stepping stone to your new life in Turkey! I know exactly what you mean about feeling the cold, my tolerance level is lower than ever. Because we are so lovely and warm for 6 - 7 months of the year it feels so much colder here when winter comes. In the UK I think you are more acclimatised as it's cold most of the time! I bet you are counting the days to April. It will be great if you are able to stay longer and we hope you will finally get to visit Uzumlu and we get to meet at last. xx

  3. When we had a very cold spell in January 2012 I put an electric blanket on our sofa - it kept us warm as toast and used minimal electricity.

    1. What a wonderful idea! I already sit with my hot water bottle and of course the odd dog and cat to help keep me warm. Wouldn't dare have an electric blanket though the puppies would probably chew it and blow us all up!