Monday, 2 December 2013

I've had a poorly finger ......

For the past couple of weeks I have been utterly useless and incapable of doing much at all. I crushed the middle finger of my left hand between two very large and heavy boulders whilst working outside in the garden. I was looking through stone which we have outside our wall left from a previous project to see if any of it was suitable for my next idea. I lifted one up to see it's shape better and dropped it catching my finger between it and another stone.

First reaction - Look around to see if anyone noticed what I had done! Second reaction - blood is pouring out of my finger nail this could be bad! At first there was not much pain just shock and numbness. I headed for the house to wash it and assess the damage.

As I entered the house I say to David "I've crushed my finger".

"How have you done that?" is the reply.

Panic then turns me into a monster.  "IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW I DID IT, FOR F...S SAKE!"

"Maybe we should go to the hospital"


Anyway I cleaned it up wrapped loads of toilet roll around my finger because it wouldn't stop bleeding, put a gardening glove on and went back out to carry on with what I was doing.

Later as the shock and the numbness started to wear off, the pain began and has continued for a couple of weeks making me feel ill, unable to concentrate on anything or use my finger properly. The main problem being that on your finger, swelling has nowhere to go because of your nail so the pain is constant. Why is it that when you have an injured finger it is always the one that you catch on things, the dogs slam into, you hit on the wall etc, etc. It looks likely that I will be losing the entire fingernail. It only seems to be attached at the base and the whole nail is now a murky opaque creamy colour having already passed through red, black, purple and yellow.

Painful digits are not a new phenomenon for me. I have hurt my fingers before, mainly through not wearing gloves when I should. I hate wearing gloves and obviously still have not learnt my lesson on that one. I have also in the past broken my big toe three times. Once after one of my horses stood on it, once by managing to get my toe sucked up the bottom of a kirby hoover amongst the blades going round and on another occasion getting out of the bath.

But one thing is for sure hurting your digits is a seriously painful and debilitating thing to do, not to be recommended. I will try to be more careful after this and I will definitely wear gloves when handling stone in the future - if I remember!

Oh and a word of advise please don't anyone tell me any secrets, because I can tell you now that as soon as the threat of ripping out my nails is made I shall tell them everything they want to know - before they've even started!


  1. Geçmiş olsun. Today I opened the door to a friend as the dog jumped up and pushed the door shut on my fingers so I sort of know how you feel.
    Typing with my left hand.

    1. Teşekkür ederim B to B. Ouch! Bet that hurt. Hope you are better at typing with your left hand than I am, and also get better soon.

  2. Ooh nasty Jacquie. Hope it stops being painful soon. I am the world's clumsiest person, bumping into things, dropping things on fingers and toes and burning myself on oven and iron, and what seems to be something not considered worth a hospital visit, can often be more painful. (Haha I do understand your response to David. Every time I injure myself, my husband says.."be careful"....aargh..bit bloody late after the event x

  3. Thanks Linda. Oh you're so like me. I am always burning myself on the oven and iron. I don't think I'm clumsy as much as I take too many risks and sometimes come unstuck because of it. Health and Safety would put a danger sticker on me. I'm well suited to live in Turkey! Husbands eh who'd have em lol!