Sunday, 8 December 2013

Congratulations to the 3C's you've staged another brilliant Christmas Fair

The members of the Çalış Children's Charity (3Cs) work tirelessly throughout the year raising funds from their charity shop, winter car boot sales and other fun events. All of the money they raise is given to enhance the lives of local, disadvantaged children and over the last few years they have raised a staggering amount of money which has made a real difference to so many lives.

Today was a real fun day for the children

Seven years ago they came up with the amazing idea of holding a Christmas Fair in Çalış and more importantly were brave enough to run with their idea. A sound decision because over the years it has proved to become a popular event. We went for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so we were really looking forward to going again this year. 

I have never seen Çalış sea front as busy as it was today, and it was really nice to see how much the Türks have embraced the idea of this event, bringing their children to share in the days festivities and queueing up to see Noel Baba (Father Christmas).

So what makes it so special? 

The fabulous and varied trade stands. This year I heard that there was around 200 stands present. The range of items available was incredible. Christmas decorations, food stuffs that are not normally readily available here - sausages, sausage meat, bacon, ham, English type cheeses, Christmas cakes, mince pies, sausage rolls and other home made foods both Turkish and English, a mouth watering range of home made chutneys, relishes, jams, marmalades to list just some. Christmas cards, wrapping paper & labels, flowers. Craft stands with beautiful items, pictures, pashmina scarves, knitted items, Turkish Kilim rugs, even stands selling antiques. So we were able to buy some of our Christmas presents and some edible goodies too ready for Christmas. 

So here is a small selection of the vast range of goods on offer.

Beautifully decorated cup cakes

Christmas cakes in sizes for all

Yummy chutneys, pickles, jams and marmalades

plants and pretty plant containers

Turkish kilims and ornaments

Christmas essentials

Christmas stockings and bags

Unusual crafts

Beautiful fresh flowers

The atmosphere is fantastic. There is a feel good factor at the event and being so far away from the build up to Christmas that we are used to in the UK, it brings home to you that Christmas is in fact just around the corner. Although this is only our second year of attending the event, for us it marks the beginning of Christmas each year.

"Hello Mr Snowman" - so much fun for the children

It's a brilliant social event attended by so many people that just meandering along the stalls we bumped into so many of the lovely people who we have met since coming to live here and were able to pass the time of day before wandering on again.

It provides an opportunity for other local charities to fund raise for their causes.

Watching the children waiting patiently to see Father Christmas was an absolute joy and although he was half an hour late - I heard due to extreme weather whilst flying in on his sledge! - when he arrived he was soon a very busy man with a queue waiting to see him going way down the promenade.

Noel Baba's eagerly awaited arrival

We love the mulled wine! We tried it last year and were almost first in the queue for a cup today!

This is an extremely well organised event, which we thoroughly enjoyed and it is no surprise that people are now travelling from as far afield as Marmaris, Kaş, Kalkan, and Dalyan as well as locally to attend this well established Christmas fair.

The brass band played tiddly om pom pom

So well done to the 3Cs for organising another spectacularly enjoyable day. Credit to all their volunteers for having to set up yesterday in appalling weather conditions. None of us should underestimate the hard work that they put in for us to have such a lovely event to 

Linda Hill one of 3Cs hard working volunteers

Thank you Çalış Children's Charity, we hope you raised lots of money for the local children. I'm sure at the moment you are all exhausted and can't even contemplate your 8th Çalış Christmas fair, but there is a lot of us who appreciate what you do and are looking forward to next year, when you will instill the Christmas spirit into us all again. 

Now It's looking a lot like Christmas!!


  1. Congratulations on a great post - It's almost made me feel Christmassy. Santa and sun must be a good combination.

  2. Thank you. Yes Santa and sun works well for me!