Monday, 21 October 2013

The mobile veterinary neutering bus visits Uzumlu with great success

Today Uzumlu was visited by the mobile neutering bus. I am aware that the bus has previously visited other villages, but that the crew were unable to persuade the local people to use their services, so I popped down to the village mid afternoon today to see how they were getting on here. I was delighted to hear that they had already neutered 17 cats and 2 dogs.

Turkey has a major problem with unwanted dogs and cats, many of whom are left to survive on the streets. So make no mistake 19 animals that will no longer breed and produce more unwanted animals to be neglected and abused is a wonderful result.

It was such a successful day that the bus will be returning tomorrow to carry on the good work that longer term will help to make a difference.


  1. Hoping for more mobile vets venture soon.

  2. Yes it's an excellent service to take the vets to the rural areas.