Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rain, rain and more rain!

Well what a cracker of a storm we had here last night! Magnificent lightning and very loud cracks of thunder. Over a period of some hours it circled around the mountains. Of course we had the obligatory power cut that we so often get when we have these storms, but it was soon back on again.

Our older dogs Kizi and Little-E have seen it all before, but for the two puppies, it was a totally new experience and they reacted to it exactly how I would have imagined they would. Bebek just quietly took it in her stride, she is so laid back. Big Red was fascinated by it and met it head on by rushing outside to watch it and bark at it!

Big Red facing up to last nights storm
This morning there is still thunder in the distance and there is very heavy rain, so the animals are all stuck indoors. Bebek is just making the most of a lay in, Thomas and Big Red are amusing each other with a game of tag around the furniture.

I'm coming to get you ............

...... Haha! Got you!
Bebek just can't be bothered with it all


  1. My dog, Jake, is completely phased by thunder and helicopters. He doesn't trust any noise that comes from the sky.

    1. Haha! At least he's consistant! With Big Red I think it's just yet another excuse to bark.