Sunday, 20 October 2013

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today"

My grandmother who lived with us throughout most of my childhood, was a great one for her 'sayings' and one of her favourites was the Thomas Jefferson quote "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today."

If any of us had something go wrong because we had not done something we should have, she would immediately say "Well did you think of it yesterday?" Then, if as it inevitably was, the reply was "Yes" she would say "Then that is when you should have done it."

Well my word haven't I proved her to be right today! For the past few days since we have had a downturn in the temperature, my wedding ring has been quite loose. Obviously my fingers swell up a bit in the heat. A couple of days ago I even had a conversation with David about it. I told him how loose it was and that I was afraid of losing it, but that for obvious reasons I really didn't want to stop wearing it either. I didn't want the size changed because it then will be too small next summer. So after our discussion I told him that I would take it off my finger and put it on the gold chain I wear around my neck for the winter months.

So the decision was made - easy!

But did I do it 'then' - No!

So today I lost my wedding ring at the Çalış car boot sale. As is our habit following our visit to the car boot each month we went to the Eyna Restaurant for one of their great English breakfasts and as I arrived I realised my ring was missing off my finger. David and I retraced our steps and I spoke to stall holders where I knew I had been rootling through their things, and I even left my telephone number with some too, in case they found it amongst their stuff later. But all to no avail.

As soon as we got home I posted on both the Calis Children's Charity and the Fethiye Area Expat's Facebook pages that I had lost my ring at the car boot on the off chance that someone had found it. I really did not expect there to be any response other than sympathy from some of my friends. I posted this at 1.20pm. At 1.59pm someone posted that it had been found and handed in and that they would send me a personal message about it.

It transpired that a Turkish gentleman who had a stall at the car boot had found it and had contacted them. I have since rung him and arranged to collect it tomorrow when I can get a lift down to Fethiye.

Earlier today when I lost the ring, both David and I were fairly philosophical about it. Accidents happen. I won't say I was not upset because I was, but in the enormity of life it is not huge - just very personal. But when I heard that the ring had been found and handed in by a Turkish guy - then I cried and when I rushed outside to tell David tears formed in his eyes too!

It was a huge relief to recover such a personally valuable item. But more than that it was a reminder of why we live here amongst the wonderful Turkish people and their old fashioned values, with  honesty and family respect high amongst them. If I had lost this ring in the Norfolk town I moved from, I truly believe I would never have seen it again.

But the real moral of the story is that we should listen to my grandmother's wise recital of Thomas Jefferson's quote -


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