Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Happy Birthday with tears in my eyes

Much as we love living in Turkey, and know that it was the right decision for us to come here to make our home, there are sacrifices to be made. The biggest of these by far is being away from our family and friends on a day to day basis. Today is my first grandchild's first birthday, and my heart aches that I am not able to be there to celebrate it with her and my daughter.

First paddling pool
In general we decided that moving here would mean that in fact we would spend more time with the family. Back in England we were all rushing about working and caught up in the rat race of life, with brief visits whenever we could manage to get together. Since living here when the family come to stay they are on holiday for a length of time and we have quality, uninterrupted time together, and that is more valuable than the fleeting moments we had before.

First lollipop
My grand-daughter made her visit to Turkey in May and we were not only able to share a wonderful time together, but also to watch her enjoy many firsts in her life. I met her from her first flight on an aeroplane to her first trip overseas. Watched her paddle in her first paddling pool. Eat her first lollipop. Have her first swing in a hammock. Sit in her first high chair. Walk in her first baby walker. Go on her first boat trip. Saw her first tooth come through.

First boat trip
For all of this I feel truly blessed. But I still want to be there on her first birthday. This morning I sang 'Happy Birthday' to her on the phone, and spoke to my daughter for an hour. But it's not the same and I can't wait until she visits us again next year.

I have decided that I am not prepared to miss out. I therefore now pronounce that Rosie will have two Birthdays every year. One in England and a second in Turkey. She will have presents and a party with guests and all the trimmings. So there!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Grand-daughter Rosie.

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