Monday, 23 September 2013

Recovering from the lurgy and possibly the best English breakfast in Çaliş

Both David and I have been unwell for the last couple of weeks. We've had some kind of virus that seems to sit somewhere between a heavy head cold and flu. We have managed to get up and do the bare essentials each day, but not much more than that. At last we seem to have virtually recovered and we have restarted a normal life again.

David is of course back to working on our new sheds, he is currently putting on the roof, so in the next day or too they will both be watertight. Hopefully just in time before the rains arrive. We have had some fairly dubious looking days for the past couple of weeks, with black clouds and thunder sometimes rolling around the mountains, but so far it has held off over us. We know that it has not rained in Üzümlü for four months and 8 days, an easy statement for us to make, because the last rain was during the evening of our wedding day - May 15th!

Black clouds around the back of the mountains, but no rain for us - yet!
Last year I distinctly remember watching lightning and black clouds as well as listening to thunder, but still having to water the garden because it skirted around the mountains which surround us.

About two weeks ago the hot summer very noticeably began to fade,. I have put a bedspread on the bed, as the nights are definitely a lot cooler now. The day time temperatures are still very warm, September really is a very lovely month to be in Turkey and I can see why so many people visit here at this time.

We have been down to Çaliş twice in the last few days. The first time to collect a kindle to replace David's that our puppy Big Red destroyed. When he lost his kindle he was half way through a book he was particularly enjoying, so I did the magnanimous thing and leant him mine to finish it. Of course when he had finished it, I was half way through a 'real' book so he started another, and so it went on for a couple of weeks. I must say, life without a kindle is pants! No longer could I read whist eating - too complicated with one hand and the wind blowing the pages about. No longer was it easy to read in bed - it meant having the light on, being uncomfortable trying to hold it and cold having to have two hands to use outside the covers, and then having to get out of bed again to switch off the light. What a carry on! How quickly we take new technology for granted, and how much more difficult life is without it. I did not like not having my kindle at all, so I responded to an advert for one which was for sale, to discover it was one of the all singing all dancing versions with a price tag way out of our league. Luckily somebody with a basic, bog standard version had one for sale and contacted me so we were finally able to restore easy reading to our lives again at a price more suited to our pocket. What a relief.

We went down to Çaliş on that occasion late morning and it was lovely to see the beach packed out with people enjoying the sun, sand and sea. I felt quite jealous of the holidaymakers making the most of it all. Maybe next year we will have time to just while away a day on the beach.

Holiday makers enjoying Çaliş beach
Yesterday we returned to Çaliş, because - GREAT EXCITEMENT - the monthly car boots have restarted after the summer break. Oh joy! I have so missed them through the summer! Yesterday we left home at 7.30 am just as the sun was breaking through over the mountains surrounding Üzümlü, how beautiful a sight is that.
The sun comes over the mountains surrounding Üzümlü
I bought a lovely picture frame for 2tl, a little brass Turkish dish 2tl to put sweeties in - for when our köşk is built (hopefully next year) and the 'Pièce de résistance' something I have wanted for a long time - a yogurt and cream cheese maker. Years ago when I kept goats, I used to make yogurt and cheese, and I want to start doing that again. I have told David that now of course I need a goat! I don't think he has quite come round to the idea yet, but the thought is now there, so we'll see!

But there was also another reason for us to visit the car boot. We wanted to get Big Red a cuddly toy. As she constantly coverts material items to carry around, we thought it may save her stealing our dish cloth, the tea towels and other random items made of cloth that she takes a fancy to. The other day I got in some washing, folded it and put it on the table whilst I saw off a friend who had been staying for a few days. In the three or four minutes that took, she had stolen a bath towel, a T-shirt and one of my bras from the pile of clean clothes.

Big Red loving her new baby
We found her a lovely soft toy, and also bought our other puppy Bebek one, so she didn't feel left out. Bebek was not really that fussed to be honest, but Big Red loved hers and was carrying it around all day. It was around 12.30 lunchtime when we gave it to her, at 10.00 pm when I went to bed she was laying with it still.

Dark now and can hardly keep her eyes open but still cuddling her baby - Bless!
Our big mistake however, was not to get our older puppy Little-E one too, because she  coveted Big Red's from the moment it arrived. In fact this morning they had quite a fight over it. Tonight Little-E managed to steal it quietly, and peevish or what? Ripped it to shreds! Our mistake, we should have brought her one too. Oh dear! We will have to go back to the next car boot as well. Haha! what a good excuse.

Being in Çaliş early in the morning meant that it was a wonderful excuse to pop into one of the local restaurants for a snack. When we are in Çaliş in the morning we normally go to the Eyna Restaurant because they do a coffee and cake deal for 5 tl, and it is really lovely cake and good value. Eyna claim to make the best coffee in Çaliş on their display board and actually I agree with them. In my opinion it is!

"The best cup of coffee in  Çaliş"
On this occasion however, I did not feel like anything sweet and went for the full English breakfast for 10tl - superb! What a treat! They also do an XXL breakfast for 18tl. I can't even begin to imagine what it must include, because I was actually satisfied two thirds of the way through the standard breakfast, but of course ate it all. It is so very rude not to clear your plate! Seriously though if you find yourself in Çaliş in the morning, you will do well to have a better value or more substantial breakfast elsewhere.

Wow! My kind of breakfast - yummy!
The other advantage of visiting the Eyna Restaurant is that they are home to the charity shop for the 3 C's ( Çaliş Children's Charity) who raise money to enhance the lives of local disadvantaged children. They do a great job and have helped numerous children with their fund-raising. So if you are in  Çaliş take a visit to their shop where you may well find a new outfit to wear or a good book to read on the beach. Or if you are returning home after a holiday and struggling for suitcase space, take them anything you can't fit in and donate to a good cause.

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