Friday, 27 September 2013

Getting ready for the winter - unfortunately

Well I hate to have to say it but the weather is definitely on the turn and winter is on it's way. Our quilt is back on the bed and I'm wearing track suits or fleecy jim jams in the evenings now. The cats are coming in at night, the dogs are having their evening food earlier and we are tucked up in the house and eating dinner by 8.00 pm now instead of working outside until late and eating at ridiculous o' clock.

With such long hot summers you tend to forget that winters even exist, whereas in the UK you get constant cold spells all year round to remind you. So although you know it's going to change it still kind of catches you unawares.

I don't know how I feel about it really. Half of me thinks how wonderful not to have to spend two hours a day watering the garden. A priority for next spring has to be sorting out some irrigation, because the watering is such a waste of my time that could be put to better use. It's also kind of pleasant to be relaxing early in the evening with slobby attire on and it's good to be eating foods that you tend not to eat in summer, because you don't fancy them in the heat. Like pies, stews, soups and PUDDINGS! Not good for the waistline of course and I didn't realise I missed them during the summer - but clearly I did! The other half of me of course hates that our beautiful summer is on the wane.

The dogs have more energy too now that it is not so hot. Today we had world war three over a dishcloth! Unbeknown to me Big Red stole my dishcloth. I suddenly heard such a fracas in the garden and when I rushed out to see what was going on, Little-E and Big Red were having a major scrap because they both wanted the dishcloth. Neither of them were inclined to give in either. But the really amusing thing was that Bebek was trying to stop Little-E attacking Big Red by wrapping her front legs around Little-E's back and back legs and gripping tight in an effort to stop her advance. Ten minutes later of course with dishcloth removed all three are playing quite happily again.

From left to right Grape jam, sweet chilli sauce, pickled gherkins, courgette chutney, pickled chillis and plum jam
I have been busy making jams, chutneys and pickles to tide us through the winter so the store cupboard is full again. I have made grape and plum jam, pickled chillis and gherkins and two kinds of courgette chutney. I haven't ever tried to make sweet chilli sauce, before but it turned out well.  A few nights ago I made sweet chilli chicken and rice. It was lovey but incredibly hot, a bit less sauce next time I think.

We have also had our first two tons of wood delivered and safely stacked in our new place, built earlier this year. So that is ready for the wood burner when we need to fire it up to run our central heating. Admittedly it's not quite finished - as in no roof yet, but we've covered it with a tarpaulin and it's a great improvement on it being in a big heap on the drive like last year. We were really pleased with the delivery of wood, we got it from a guy I met when I went up to Nif, a small rural village further up the mountain from here and it is good sized, seasoned, dry oak so it should burn well.

The first two tons of wood stacked up ready to fire up the central heating
The kennel and wood store near the house are almost finished, the roof went on yesterday and it's just a bit of finishing off and some doors to go on now. We think we will probably get another two tons of wood in this one which will be well on the way to getting us through the winter, as we will probably use about 5 tons in total. This will again be a big improvement as this shed is just behind the terrace and will mean we don't have to get wet collecting it from the drive.

Today I have sown seed for lettuce, radish, celeriac, spinach and carrots, and a few days ago I planted cabbage, broccoli and another green which we are not sure what it is as we didn't understand the lady who only spoke Turkish, so we wait with bated breath to see what it grows into.

So really right now I am enjoying the change in the weather. It is nice to eat comfort food again and to wear comfy slobby clothing again. The daytime is still very hot reaching 30 degrees supposedly over the weekend  and the rain is holding off, so at the moment we have the best of both worlds. But I am not looking forward to the cold, I really don't do cold weather very well. Never mind soon be April and we'll be getting ready for summer again.

As we were not well for two or three weeks and we wanted to finish the sheds before the rains come, we really haven't been out and about much lately. But all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy, so for the next week this will change.

A few weeks ago we did someone a favour, and they have treated us to a meal out in Çaliş (totally unnecessarily, but much appreciated), so tomorrow night we are going to do one of our favourites things. We will go to Çaliş in time to catch the sunset, enjoy our gratis meal, then catch the water taxi back to Fethiye to catch the bus home - fantastic!

Sunset in Çaliş taken last time we went for the evening in September 2012

We have some friends coming over who will be staying in Oludeniz next week and we are really looking forward to seeing them again. They are ladies who we met through the blog and we really enjoyed their company when we met earlier this year. Also we are meeting three other blog readers in Uzumlu next week so will be able to put more names to faces which is brilliant.

Earlier in the week we heard through the grapevine that there are some people currently staying in Uzumlu for the first time all the way from America because they read our blog and liked the sound of the village. It's a shame we didn't get to meet them. But guys if you read this on your return to the States, we would love to hear how you got on.


  1. I recommend a watering system. We put ours in this year and gained an hour's spare time every evening.

    1. You are so right Back to Bodrum. What type did you have put in? I so need that extra time!

  2. Hi we have recently had a wood burning fire installed and are looking for a supplier of good quality logs.Would you be able to give us any directions or address for the company that you used.Would you know how much logs cost per ton.

    John and Pam Fethiye

    1. Hi John and Pam. We get excellent logs from Ali who comes from Nif, but he will deliver to Fethiye. The last I heard his wood was 350tl for hard wood - which is really good oak and 300tl for his soft wood all cut to size requirement. We had two tons delivered a few weeks ago and it was cut to a good size, dry and well seasoned. No complaints at all. He also stacks it all for you - which some don't, although we help him too. He can be contacted on 0536 583 0152. His English is reasonable. We can't recommend him enough and several people in our village ordered from him on the back of the quality of our order.