Thursday, 1 August 2013

Our day at Lykia World, Oludeniz

After the dramas of the last few weeks we thought we deserved a day out together, something we had not been able to do for some months whilst our Labrador Tyson was so ill. So earlier this week we set off to Oludeniz to join a friend for a day of relaxation by the sea at the Hotel Lykia World.
Oludeniz - so beautiful
Our first visit there, so we didn't really know what to expect, but a day out with a friend at a beach side hotel was very appealing and we set off to meet her in time for lunch. Our first impression was that it was much bigger than we had expected, so in order  to have a better look around, we hopped on one of the shuttle buses provided for guests to get from one area to another and did the round trip. The grounds were beautifully maintained, and as we were driven along we saw that there were tennis courts, archery, a children's creche and beautiful and extremely well maintained gardens with lawns that were like bowling greens - wish we could manage to get ours to look like that!

The shuttle buses will take you from A to B within the beautiful hotel grounds
Apparently the hotel was taken over by the Liberty Group in February of this year, and whilst they were too close to the season commencing to change the hotel much this year, they have got lots of improvements planned before next season begins. The grounds actually hold two separate accommodation units and I understand that the main change is that one side will be 16 plus only, while the other will continue to cater for families with children. All of the rooms will be undergoing refurbishment and there are also improvements planned for all the community areas including the beach.

Stunning grounds, setting and views
After our little ride around being nosey, a beer on the terrace seemed the next thing to do. The terrace was surrounded by shops with some lovely things and I did have a look around a couple, but the prices are very much for the holiday maker with everything priced in euros and beyond our small pockets I'm sorry to say.

Fabulous views from the immaculate terrace
Rejuvenated by our beer we walked down to the lovely restaurant area overlooking the sea. Along the way we passed several different pools, and an arena style entertainment stage. I understand that the hotel caters for almost 3,000 holiday makers in high season, but nowhere seemed to be overcrowded. I guess in such huge grounds people are absorbed across the many areas, interests, trips out etc. The list of things to do there is endless, so for the more adventurous, active holiday maker they are totally spoilt for choice.

View from the beach side restaurant
Reaching the restaurant area we were amazed at the selection of food for tastes from the world over. If any visitors are not happy with the food at this hotel they must be crazy, we both thought the food was superb.

The soup had a wide range of croutons and flavoured toasts .......
.................... and a wide selection of rolls and breads
From soup with a range of croutons and breads available through to a vast choice of main meals the selection included chicken, sausage, pizzas, salads through to Turkish food, English food, Chinese food, the choice was almost ridiculous. The food was constantly prepared fresh and topped up by chefs at each food station so you could actually watch them cooking it. All of it is self service so you can mix and match as much as you like. I opted for Chinese - which was fabulous with a few extra bits on the plate that I just HAD to have.

At each food station the chefs cook the food fresh in front of you
Freshly made pizza mmmmmmmmm yummy!
Normally when food is self service I suffer from having eyes bigger than my stomach, but on this occasion I got it right and had room to go back for a dessert. Wow! I thought I had died and gone to dessert heaven. I must be honest and say that I ate so many I actually felt bad afterwards and had to go and lay on a sun lounger on the beach for the afternoon!

"I thought I'd died and gone to dessert heaven"
There was even a choice of custard, vanilla, chocolate or fruit sauce to pour over the top of them
We had arranged to hop on a boat at 4.30 which was leaving to collect people from their day at Butterfly valley. But we went to sleep and didn't wake up until 5.30 so we missed that little pleasure. I did manage a brief swim in the sea, but not being too nimble these days, struggled with getting in and out of the stony entry. There was a jetty with steps going into the sea, but I was too full of desserts to bother to walk that far, so my fault really!

My dessert selection - Yes I know!!! I deserved to miss the boat
While we slobbed on the beach, we heard an aerobics class start up and when David went past to get us an iced coffee he said loads of people were there participating and all smiling! Something for everyone here I guess, but how anyone could do that and smile in the heat we had this week I will never know.

There were some lovely Köşks along the seafront, which you could hire for the day with fridges in to keep your beer cool, and I understand that they can come with full butler service so that you can have your meals and drinks brought to you - how good is that?

These köşks with fabulous views can be hired complete with butler for a day of opulence by the sea
Well rested after our lazy afternoon on the loungers, we showered and changed and headed up to the bar for a cocktail. There was an extensive selection and we chose a Margarita to sip while we watched the sunset from the terrace - lovely.

Nothing like sipping a cocktail whilst watching the sun go down in the west facing terrace bar
I was sorry to leave the hotel and could happily have stayed there for a few days, but we wanted to visit Oludeniz town on our way home so reluctantly we moved on. We hope to return next year to see what difference the planned improvements have made. We thought the hotel was a brilliant choice for families with children as there was so much entertainment available for them and even special baby and toddler pools set in their own areas.

Next year when the adult hotel is available it should be the ideal venue for anyone. It is situated slightly out of Oludeniz but with regular transport into town. However, there is so much to do at the hotel you probably wouldn't even need to leave the premises. They have many sports available, a private beach, boat trips, diving trips, paragliding, evening entertainment plus much, much more, so there really is something for everyone there. Holidays at Lykia World seem quite reasonable given the fact that it is all inclusive and offers so many options of things to do and it is also possible to enjoy a day there with a day pass which needs to be arranged in advance. Sometimes it is just so nice to be spoilt for a day.

Lykia World Oludeniz - an idyllic setting
It was a long time since we had visited Oludeniz so moving on it was most enjoyable to have a wander along the pedestrian precinct in high season. We just love all the 'pokey' shops and even managed to find a replacement glass for a tea light holder that if not exactly the same as the other five is a good enough match for just 5 tl. Of course we sat and enjoyed an Efes and did some people watching too. It brought back memories of holidaying here years ago and it felt good to be a part of that again.

But longer term we do prefer the sanctity of our village retreat, and after a dolmus ride to Ovacik, we managed to slip in another couple of Efes before meeting a friend for a lift home. It was wonderful to be able to enjoy a day out together again, and although we were both tired the following day - it's hard work being out enjoying yourselves - it has renewed our strength to press on with our garden building projects. We thoroughly enjoyed our lovely day.

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