Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holidaying in Marmaris? - Then you can make a difference ........

Three of the thousands of Turkish street cats at least have a meal tonight and you can help them eat tomorrow
photo credit: Kath Gorvett
I have always said that I make no apologies for using our blog to promote awareness of animals in plight in Turkey or to further the cause of any of the Animal Aid Groups who work so tirelessly in Turkey to improve the lot of animals here.

Our new puppy Bebek, came from Gökova which is north from here beyond Dalaman, Köyceğiz and Marmaris. She had been brought to a new home in Fethiye which unfortunately had not worked out, so we agreed to foster her as she was so far from the people who could help her. As it is we have decided to adopt her full time and I will write more about how she is settling into the Fogies lifestyle in another post.

This situation enabled us to be in contact with people in a different part of Turkey who try to help animals here, and it is always interesting to hear what they do and how they manage to fund the help that they give. Through this we came across the most excellent idea called Feed a ply.

The wonderful lady Jane Burton responsible for this innovative idea has a cafe in Marmaris called Fruit Burst and for every main meal that they serve in their cafe they donate a meal for an animal in need.

One of two Fruit Burst cafes in Marmaris to enjoy your meal and help a needy animal
photo credit: Jane Burton
In her own words this is how it works.

"My restaurant is Fruit Burst smoothie and cafe bar in Marmaris Turkey and we have been supporting the local homeless animals since we opened. We now would like to take this one step further and help to make a major difference in their life, but we need your help. When you holiday in Marmaris you have to eat, so the difference is to choose us to come and eat with, and for every meal you have with us we... will feed one dog or cat wether it be at the Marmaris or Icmeler dog pound, the animal sanctuary, the street cats or to support anyone who wants to foster a sick animal but couldn't afford to feed them. 

 The dog pounds can have up to 300 dogs in them and the Belidye (the local council) provide only 4 sacks of dog food a week to feed them, so the dogs do go hungry as this is nowhere near enough. They do have a dedicated and loyal team of volunteers who do go down to the shelter and they raise money to buy extras and give them a little love. But this is still not enough . We can make the difference. I ask no money from you, just to come and dine with us and then I will donate a meal from you to them . This scheme is called Feed A Ply a meal for meal concept.
At the moment we support Gökova , Köyceğiz and Marmaris shelters, the Cat Brigade, a lady called Nilgun, Kitty Kat Fund, Trunc Cat Fund and a couple of people who just feed street animals, but anyone can apply."

We are loving this idea.
Fruit Burst's main problem is informing the tourists of this scheme, usually by the time they've found out their holiday is almost over. So if you are going to be on holiday in Marmaris or indeed will be visiting or know anyone else who is please spread the word and help make a difference.
All you have to do is visit Fruit Burst and enjoy one of their fabulous meals. All their food is freshly homemade, no frozen food here and the meals are very reasonably priced. Fruit Burst has been awarded Trip Advisors 'Certificate of Excellence for 2013'. There is no money added to your meal the donation comes straight out of the cafe's profits. Come on you have to eat somewhere when you are on holiday so help this worthy cause by offering your patronage.. You can even choose if you wish your meal to feed a dog or a cat.

Missing your English Roast while holidaying in Marmaris? Then visit Fruit Burst for the meal of your choice......
photo credit: Jane Burton
................. or maybe fish, chips and mushy peas is what you are craving .............
photo credit: Jane Burton
....................... or something more Turkish perhaps
photo credit: Jane Burton
This is how the concept works:-
First groups, ie the dog pound or individuals register with Fruit Burst to record their interest to recieve the donations from them and then ..

1. You walk through the door
2. You order a meal from the main menu
3. You enjoy and pay for your meal
4. Fruit Burst thank you for eating with them.
5. You have now fed a hungry cat or dog as well
5. Fruit Burst feed one dog or cat from their list of registered places.
6. It costs you nothing extra.. just choose to eat with them .

 Simple but effective.
Fruit Burst went live with this idea on June 17th this year and to date have already provided almost 800 meals for animals in need. This is an exceptional result and has made a real difference in this area.
Tomorrow night a second Fruit Burst will have it's opening night on the Marina, which means that two restaurants will now be counting meals for the animals. The second Fruit Burst is situated near the Octopus statue and has bright pink cushions, so if you are able to attend their opening night go and support this fantastic idea, or here is a map showing their other premises.

If you are an animal lover on holiday or visiting Marmaris then have a meal at one of the Fruit Burst Restaurants and feed an animal in need. If you are not then please at least 'Like' their Facebook Page and help to spread the word.
It would be fantastic if this exceptional idea could be rolled out in other areas of Turkey and help to bring an end to starving street dogs and cats, and we are delighted to help in some small way to further their cause. 
The link to Feed a ply's facebook page is: -!/Feedaplymarmaris



  1. I've been reading a lot about them on different Facebook pages Jacqui. It's an excellent idea and well done them for getting involved. If I'm ever over that way I would certainly eat there. I'll share your Facebook link xx

  2. Thanks Ayak. It is an excellent idea and we need to spread the word. I am sure there are many, many holiday makers in Marmaris who would eat there to further their cause if they were aware of this innovative concept. I hope some other restaurants follow suit in other parts of Turkey as well.

  3. I feed the cats and dogs every time i come to Marmaris i go to Migros on a daily basis and buy cat biscuits and dog food and as im walking around i feed as many as i can, my friends call me crazy English woman, but i enjoy it its part of my holiday i would love to be able to bring them all home and find loving homes for them, your doing a wonderful job Jane, i will definitely be calling for something to eat next time I'm there

    1. Well done Sharon! People like you do make a difference. We are so pleased to hear you will support Jane next time you are in Marmaris.

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