Sunday, 25 August 2013

Four dogs and three of them under a year old - are we insane?

It was just over two weeks ago when our puppy Bebek's stroppy, unruly sister stomped into our lives to create havoc. How have we all got on? Well after a very shaky start things have really settled down, Little-E our 8 month old pup has earned doggy gold star of the month award and the new pup finally has a name.

Over the past two weeks, new pup has responded very well to training. She has to sit before she has any food and she has learnt where her own place for food is, so that she doesn't have to bowl all the others out of the way first to be sure she gets some. She has got the hang of this so well, that she even sits whilst I am preparing it. She walks well on the lead, and enjoys going out for walks.

sitting along with the others whilst their food is prepared - a big improvement I can tell you!!
She is still enamoured with the cats when she spots them. She tries to stamp on them with her feet and lick them to death. The cats are not really that bothered though. Çingene is not at all intimidated by her and Thomas teases her dreadfully by taunting her, then running for safety on a wall or a table, before the taunting and the chase begins again. She is slowly learning though that using her feet is not acceptable because when she is fully grown it will be like being on the receiving end of a head butt from Mike Tyson!

Çingene will not be intimidated
One of the reasons that Little-E has earned her gold star is because when pup first came, and ran after the cats, she roared up and put herself between them and warned her off. How utterly clever and kind is that from a dog who is only an eight month old pup herself?

Little-E stepping in as Çingene's guardian when new pup is near.
Little-E has proved herself to be the best big sister ever. She plays with the puppies and keeps them amused, but she is also teaching them manners, she takes no nonsense from them at all, and she's only half their size!

Bebek and her sister are like chalk and cheese. Bebek has a very calm and laid back personality. Her sister is pushy, boisterous and given an inch will take a mile. They don't even look alike. Bebek has much longer ears, is finer in build and is obviously completely different colouring. Having kept in contact with the lady who has the brother and another sister, I hear that she also has one of each colouring and that their personalities are very similar with the black one calm and the brown one completely over the top. I have therefore, come to the conclusion that the mother was probably mated by two different dogs and they have different sires. It would be so interesting to do a DNA test to see if this was the case.

I said in my last post about the dogs that I did not think that the sisters recognised each other, but now they are used to each other again I wonder, because they are very fond of each other. When they play, they talk to each other in high pitched voices that sound like aliens. Little-E has tried to pick up the lingo, but she certainly isn't fluent in alien speak yet.

Playtime complete with their alien style language
They are growing so fast that we have started measuring them each week and marking their height on the terrace wall. It's incredible when you can see last weeks mark and know how much they have gone up in just one week.

All four dogs now get along just fine, with the three pups becoming incredibly close. So it does seem to be an awful shame to split them up now. We really have to stop fostering dogs, because they always end up staying here! We are just a soft touch I know, but by the time they have settled in, it then doesn't seem fair to uproot them again.

Fitting in to the family
When I was a child of about 8 or nine I can remember going to the cinema with my mother. I have no idea what we actually went to see, but the supporting film was 'Big Red' a film about a setter called Red who would not conform to his masters plans. We loved that film and sat and sobbed - as you do in the Walt Disney animal films! So because she is big, because of her colour, because she has a problem conforming to rules, and because that film meant so much to me new pup's name is now Red. She is here to stay and she knows it! We must be insane!

Here to stay and very much at home!


  1. Of course you're insane. Just like I am. But what can you do? I could never foster because I can't part with a dog, even if I have had it for just one day. If it's any consolation, our Freddie doesn't conform either. The other four just tolerate him and look at him with a kind of disgusted expression!

  2. Ha! It's a comfort to know I am in good company Ayak. Why DO we do it? Actually we both know the answer to that - how can we not with so many animals in need here in Turkey!