Friday, 12 July 2013

Our animals 'Peggy' - A posthumous story

As you all know we are great animal lovers and try to do all we can to help any animals in need. A short while ago I started to share the stories of our animals and started with the two cats that we brought with us from England - Horrace and Inca.

I intended to gradually write about all of the animals that share our home and our lives. Unfortunately I had not yet written the piece about our little female cat Peggy when last Saturday, she suddenly became very ill and had to be put to sleep. I feel that her story should still be told and have decided to write about her posthumously.

Peggy entered our lives suddenly last September as a young kitten. I had taken three kittens down to the vets for their injections, and there all alone in a cage was a young kitten who was recovering from a broken leg. She had just had the plaster cast removed and had been there for 4 weeks. Apparently she had been hit by a car as a very tiny kitten. Also due her first injections that day, when the vet went to get her he discovered that she been bitten by an insect and her face was swollen, so instead she had to have antihistamine injections.

It seemed such a shame that she was all alone and had nowhere other than the animal shelter to look forward to, and extremely churlish not to take her back with the three abandoned kittens I was currently caring for. So I left home earlier to visit the vets with three kittens in the basket, and came back with four, a fact that David who had stayed at home took very well I thought. I think he knows me by now.

As it happened two of my three kittens were very close and the other was a bit lonely so the odd one out was able to pair up with the new one which was really nice to see. Animal Aid had named her Peggy, because of her 'peg leg' when she had a cast on, and that name just stuck.

She was very nervous and very shy, which when you consider that she had only ever been handled to have something nasty done to her i.e. injections and having her leg fixed was not surprising at all. But alongside her new partner she gradually gained confidence and although she wouldn't be picked up for a long time, she gradually started to come to us, and would then sit on our laps and let us stroke her.

A few weeks later a home was found for her and her partner to go to together and we took the pair of them down to Calis to their new home. We were so pleased for them both, but it wasn't to be, as just a few weeks later we were contacted by Animal Aid who had been called out to kittens which had been abandoned and it turned out to be Peggy and her friend. They collected them and unfortunately Peggy was suffering from Colitis and was not at all well, so after some more veterinary treatment they came home to us again in December last year.

The lady from Animal Aid who brought them back to us, said that whilst Peggy was with her she was very timid and shy and didn't like being handled, so it was a great relief when she settled straight away, and seemed very pleased indeed to be 'home' again. We decided there and then that we would keep her as it was just not fair to put her through any more changes. We also decided to keep her feline friend as we felt that she leaned on him quite heavily for confidence and they had become very close.

Peggy loved the Christmas tree
With Christmas around the corner, we had a hilarious time decorating the tree with the help of the kittens, and throughout the festive season we were busy removing kittens from the branches amongst the tinsel, they loved it.

In the New Year we were offered a home for her friend, but we wouldn't let him go as we felt Peggy needed him. So together they went through the rest of the winter and into spring when they began to really investigate the big outdoors, but Peggy never went further than a few yards away from our property, she liked to stay where she felt safe and secure.

Although she grew, she never did well, had a very peculiar gait, almost a kind of goose step and always seemed a little bit simple and we wondered if she had actually suffered a head injury when she had her accident. But she thrived and was happy so we loved her as she was, and she did become very affectionate with us, but was always wary of strangers. If I was wearing a jacket or cardigan she loved to get inside it for a cuddle, I think it made her feel safe.

One of Peggy's favourite places to sit

One of Peggy's most notable attributes was that her poos were the largest I have ever known a cat pass. Most dogs would have been proud of them, hence her nickname 'Peggity Poo Poo'!

Last week I was away for a few days, and on my return she seemed to have a slightly distended belly which I was keeping an eye on then a couple of days later she suddenly seemed very poorly in the space of hours. I took her straight to the vets and following an ultrasound it was discovered that she had advanced cancer, and unfortunately had to be put to sleep. I am so grateful that her demise was so sudden and she didn't have to suffer. It seems so unfair that such a young cat should have to have suffered so much in her short life, and I am also so grateful that for at least a short while we were able to share her life and watch her enjoy it to the full.

R.I.P. Peggity Poo Poo


  1. Sorry to hear about Peggy, she was lucky to find you in her short life x