Sunday, 21 July 2013

A new young lady joins our family

When we lose a pet that has been a part of our family for many years, they can of course never be replaced or indeed forgotten and the home seems a lonelier place without them. Tyson's passing has left us feeling very sad and the other dogs have definitely missed his presence too.

The pecking order when Tyson was here!

Losing Tyson has hit us hard. He was larger than life with a huge personality and everyone who knew him loved him. He was a legend! For the past few months life had been difficult managing his illness and the personality changes it caused.

Since we lost him, life is very different. The bin has been able to return to the floor because he is not there to steal forbidden food which would disrupt his blood sugar balance. I can open the oven door with two hands, as I no longer need one free to hold back a large black head trying to steal food at risk of being burnt. I can fill or empty the dishwasher without him trying to lick the plates. We can go to bed when we like and get up when we like because we are no longer beholden to his strict medication and feeding regime. We can go out together again because we don't have to worry about his regime or having a fit. You don't realise until the gap is left how much you have re-organised your lifestyle to accommodate the problems.

I would happily trade all of the above returning to have him back, but sadly this is not an option. As I said in a previous post life goes on. So to that end and in an effort to make the home a happier place again we agreed to foster a 12 week old puppy who was in urgent need of a placement. Hence this little girl entered our lives yesterday and we will see how she goes.

Born April 23rd she is only 12 weeks old so should be a big girl when she's fully grown
Luckily she was delivered to us, as we don't have transport, and she entered our home and laid straight down at David's feet quite happily. When the couple who kindly delivered her had left we introduced her to our other two and it all went remarkably calmly.

Meeting the rest of the gang
By the evening she was tearing around the garden with our seven month old puppy Little-E as though they were life long friends. I think our German Shepherd will be very happy that she can back off from having to amuse Little-E all the time, which will allow her more time to devote to her favourite pastime of chasing flies.

She's met the cats and thinks they are most interesting!
By the evening puppy had become a dab hand at getting on and off the sofa - yes I'm afraid our dogs do sit on the furniture! In fact I have been known to sit on the floor and watch TV because they look too comfortable to disturb.

A normal night in our house with no seat on the sofa for me
We were a bit unsure about leaving her last night, but this morning when we came downstairs everything was fine and she had been as good as gold. She was on the sofa with Kizi our German Shepherd. She did only made it as far as the terrace to have a wee, but for a 12 week old pup we thought that was brilliant.

The three of them have played and played around the garden and now they are all crashed out in the cool of the house having a sleep. She even already has her own favourite corner to lay. She has fitted into this family as though it was meant to be.

She's found her own corner
The only problem we have is that she had been called Kizim, which is a lovely name, but unfortunately we have a Kizi so we have to now think of a new name for her. Any suggestions please?

Tyson can never be replaced and will always be remembered and loved for who he was, but this new little lady has certainly filled a void in our home and although we only agreed to foster her for a while, I already know she isn't going to be moving on.


  1. Hello, I love reading about your life in Turkey, it is a country we love and would 1 day do as you are doing. I was so sorry to read of the loss and hard time you have had lately but I just love the new little addition to your family and I think a nice name for her would be KIKI, in keeping with the name KIZIM but different from KIZI but not so different that she would get confused when you do change her name. I look forward to reading about all your escapades to come.

  2. Thank you for your comments Isabella. Lets hope one day soon you get to Turkey yourselves. We certainly have no regrets about our move. Most of the hard times in fairness would have happened wherever we were in the world. Kiki is a good suggestion and I can see the benefit of keeping a similar name. We'll let you know via the blog what we decide to call her.

  3. I've been following the story on Facebook but I thought I would just pop in to say I'm so pleased you took this lovely girl. She seems to have fitted in so well, and she will bring you so much pleasure. When I took Freddie in a couple of weeks ago, he looked like a Bobby,and responded to that, but then it sounded too much like Poppy so they would both come running. Having called him Freddie now for nearly 2 weeks, he doesn't actually respond to it very well, but I guess it takes time!

    1. Thank you Ayak. We're very happy with her, she's fitting into the family well. She already comes to her name. But in honesty she would probably come if I called 'pineapple', because she's a bit of a shadow!