Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The bride to be can't sleep

Here I am at 3.30 in the morning not able to sleep because the wedding plans are going round and round in my head. It's getting very close to the big day now - just 2 weeks away and we seem to have hit the point where if anything can go wrong now is the time for it to do so.

Last Friday we headed to Antalya to collect the certificates of non-impediment from the British Consulate and take them to the Turkish Governor's office to be stamped and signed. This is an essential piece of paper to enable us as foreigners to be married in Turkey.

With our dog Tyson requiring tablets and 6 hourly feeds we took him with us so we did not upset his routine. Fortunately at the moment this new regime is working wonders and he is much more his normal self. So well done to our vet Serkan for his spot on diagnosis and treatment. Fingers crossed this regime continues to have effect.

In an effort for everything to run smoothly and because we particularly wish to get married in our home village we had visited the Registrar in Fethiye months ago to ensure this could happen. So on Monday when together with our translator we returned with our newly acquired paperwork to complete the formalities, it was a bit shocking to be told that he could no longer conduct the wedding because Uzumlu was now separated from Fethiye, and that we needed to go to Uzumlu Belediye (council) to make the necessary arrangements.

Next stop Uzumlu Belediye offices, where due to our lack of Turkish we have our translator on the phone which we hand to the officials there to explain why we are there. So for the next five minutes we listen to a long and somewhat excitable speech of which we know none of the content. I turn to the prospective groom and say "this doesn't sound as though it's going well does it?" I could see us having friends and family for a great party but still not being married!

However, when the phone was handed back to us to speak to our interpreter, the problem was because Uzumlu Belediye had only taken over their own weddings since 1st January this year they had never conducted a wedding for foreigners and didn't know what to do! We were told that they would find out and that we should return the next day to speak to them again.

Yesterday we returned at 11.00 am as instructed and were told that we needed 5 photographs, so all the way to Fethiye to have the photographs taken, which obviously we were not expecting so bad hair day and not very well dressed,  this will be the photo to go on our wedding paperwork - Great! Two hours later back at the Belediye, we are then given a form to take to be signed by the Doctor.

Since our arrival in Turkey a year ago we have been blessed with keeping good health, so actually had never even registered with our local Doctor here in Uzumlu. In Turkey the Turkish people have to undergo blood tests prior to marriage and as the doctor like the council had never completed the paperwork for foreigners he did not know if we had to have this or not. So more phone calls were made and to our relief we do not. So with our paperwork duly signed back to the Belediye for the fourth time in 24 hours to hand it in. That is the paperwork completed and the wedding can go ahead as originally planned - Phew!

Alongside this hiccup, on Sunday we learnt that my friend who was coming over from the UK to help with the preparations is now unable to come, because of ill health in the family - understandable, and then half an hour later we heard from the wedding photographer that she is no longer able to attend the wedding. So at the moment we sit with no photographer - the next problem to address. Never a dull moment. Onwards and upwards as they say!


  1. Try not to worry too much, planning a wedding never goes to the original plan. Everything will come together and I'm sure you will have a beautiful day :)

    1. I'm sure you are right there CarolB. At the end of the day it will go ahead ready or not!

  2. Less planning , more fun. On our wedding day, the mayor forgot he was conducting the ceremony and my husband-to-be had to go and get him from the cow shed where he was milking a cow.

  3. I see all of this from the other side as I prepare to take weddings at our parish church in the UK! I never cease to be amazed - and amused - by the questions I receive (now mercifully mostly by email)from brides-to-be and (probably more so) their mothers! Love and prayers as you prepare for your big day. Sorry we shall not be with you but we are now in Madeira for a month. XX

  4. It will be OK on the day I'm sure. Nothing is ever straightforward in Turkey is it?