Friday, 22 March 2013

Come on summer - we're waiting for you

I can't wait for summer to arrive. I keep thinking it's here, then goodness me another cold, wet, day. I don't do cold very well it's one of the reasons I moved abroad to leave that horrible weather behind.

There are definite signs that summer is on the way. We are starting to get some really lovely sunny days and a few times I have been able to go out with no coat on, and one day in the garden recently I was hot with a sleeveless top on.

The village goats are back outdoors with their kids, and the sheep have lambs frolicking by their sides. The supermarkets are stocking up for visitors, shops are re-opening that sell outdoor furniture and restaurants are changing to their 'summer prices'. It's all happening apart from the weather.

This year's kids are out with their mums browsing

I know I'm being unreasonable, in fact we have had a very mild winter this year compared to some - last year in particular - but I want it to start now. I'm fed up with being cold, I'm fed up with having plants on my window sills waiting to go in the garden, I'm fed up with looking at a green swimming pool, I'm fed up with the cats wanting to spend all their time indoors loafing around. Life is so different with just a little bit of sunshine.

Come on sunshine we all miss you, we want you to put your hat on and come out to play


  1. It's a strange time of year. I don't actually do heat very well so don't cope too well with July and August here. However, I am fed up with the rain and gale force winds. Very unpleasant.

    Lovely photo of the goats xx

    1. It is a strange time of year Ayak. I love the heat - bring it on! xx

  2. I'm sure if you find a very sheltered corner, you can pretend it's nearly summer.