Sunday, 17 February 2013

One man's junk is another man's treasure - mine!

Back in England we lived very near the site of a large weekly car boot sale and David was always amazed at how early I could be up and ready to go out on a Sunday morning with such enthusiasm, so unlike the other days of the week, when I went to work. On arrival at the car boot I would be out of the car and off before David had even finished parking!

Fethiye second hand sale held on the first Wednesday of each month

 Actually it's fair to say that I am obsessed with all second hand purchases. I love charity shops, car boots, auctions, for sale sites etc. etc.  Over the years I collected some really unusual things as well as other items that I wanted anyway and books oh dear I had thousands!  Sadly many of it had to be given away or sold when we moved to Turkey as we opted to travel with suitcases only, the idea being to live a much more minimalistic life here, as in NO MORE CLUTTER! Well imagine my utter delight when I discovered that there is a means to satisfy my compulsive purchasing here in Turkey too!

Calis car boot held monthly through the winter

The first Wednesday of each month hosts the second hand sale in Fethiye and during the winter months Calis holds a monthly car boot sale. I am back from there today so excited with my new purchases. This weeks treasures are a cushion, a Turkish cookery book, a backgammon board, two paperback books, some cutlery, two hair clips, condiments set, a spice jar to match the kitchen and two Whirling Dervish pictures. How did I manage to live here without these essential items - I just don't know.

Calis car boot sale

Oh and on the way home I went to collect two children's chairs that I had arranged to buy from the 'for sale site', for when grand-daughter Rosie is older and comes to stay. Two chairs? Well one day she may have a brother or sister and we don't want them fighting over one chair do we?


  1. I'm trying to stay away from such places, having just paid a fortune to ship all my charity shop acquired junk over from the UK.

  2. Where is the second hand market held in Fethiye? Is it where the Tuesday market is? I have an apartment in Delicatas, Tasayaka and visit occasionally when I can. I enjoy your website. Thanks.

    1. It's held in the covered area of the Tuesday market Barbara - where they have the produce on the tuesday market. So quite local for you when you're in Fethiye. They have lots of clothes but we have also bought some really good finds from there. Best to go early as it is heaving by mid-morning! Thanks for your comment and glad to hear you're enjoying our blog.