Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas in Turkey and the new year's resolutions begin

I have to confess to having become the worst blogger in the world. My blogs have been spasmodic to say the least, I am finding too many distractions since living in this beautiful country. However, it is 2nd January 2013 I have recovered from the obligatory hangover from new years eve and the new year's resolutions begin in earnest, the first of which is to ensure that I make regular contributions to our blog. Lets see how long that lasts!

In the run up to Christmas we thought long and hard about how we would like to celebrate, finally deciding that we would have a traditional English Christmas at home. I had been back to the UK briefly before Christmas so was able to bring quite a lot of our decorations back with me, all we really needed was a sizeable tree to accommodate the numerous decorations we had collected over many years. We were surprised that Christmas trees were so readily available locally, but disappointed that we could not find one big enough. Having trailed all around looking at trees in Fethiye and Ovacik we were about to admit defeat when at the last minute and on the way home to Uzumlu we saw the perfect tree outside someones shop. We persuaded the shop keeper that our need was much greater than his and leaving his decorations on the pavement we bundled the tree into the back of our friend's car and away.

Tom triumphant at the top of the tree

Peggy not quite so sure of herself but determined not to miss out

We still have the kittens that returned to us - Peggy and Tom and wow do they love this tree! Even now after two weeks the novelty has not worn off and Tom enters the lounge at a sprint and leaps straight up the middle causing havoc as he goes, with the puppy waiting underneath to cart off any baubles that may get knocked off as he climbs to the top - inside the branches so it's nearly impossible to get him out!

Anyway with the house decked with decorations, and all the traditional Christmas goodies sourced or made, we had a wonderful Christmas Day joined by friends to over indulge as ever, and a good time was had by all. Next Year we may do things differently - dinner out, or a barbecue on the beach who knows but this year we couldn't quite bring ourselves to sever the ties to a good old traditional Christmas Day.


  1. Happy New Year Jacqui.

    I attempted a Christmas at home my first year here and sent my husband off to find a tree, not easy in those days. He went up into the forest, found a suitable one, but spent hours trying to dig it up by the roots. He failed and came home with a couple of branches, which I stuck in a vase. Not quite the same! Since then I haven't bothered except for the few occasions like this one when I was fortunate to spend Christmas in England.

  2. Sounds like a great time had by all!! We will look forward to joining you one year, Christmas day on the beach sounds great fun!! Xx

  3. P.s that was me mum, had to leave as anonymous as can't remember my password! :-) xxx

  4. Love your tale about your first Christmas tree Ayak. I think that surpasses ours. Christmas Day on the beach sounds fun Jo. We know some people who did that this year, but knowing our luck it would rain on Christmas Day!