Wednesday, 30 January 2013

At last the Internet is back

After my resolution, clearly announced in my previous post, that as from the new year my posts would become regular, I have clearly fallen at the first hurdle as it is now almost a month since making such a foolish statement.

In my defence I have been without a reliable Internet connection ever since I said this. Which brings me to think about the value of and reliability of the Internet in Turkey. I see again and again in forums for ex-pats living in Turkey queries about Internet connection and the cost thereof, here.

I had a computer at home for many years before I moved to Turkey and joined Face book some time ago, although admittedly more to keep track of what my staff were up to than for any other purpose. You would be amazed at how many people will call in sick, then just moments later are on Face book bragging about the wonderful party they are at, or posting pictures of themselves dressed up to the nines in a night club! Face book nowadays is a must have management tool.

Living in Turkey however, Face book offers a huge amount of support to us ex-pats. There are local buy and sell groups which are an excellent platform for seeking reasonably priced items of all kinds that you need, as well as off-loading all the things you were persuaded to buy from the unrelenting Turkish salesmen but didn't actually need at all. Local ex-pat pages give us the opportunity to ask others for any advice we need or ask where a particular item can be purchased. We have a group dedicated to announcing bargains currently in the shops so you don't miss out on reduced items and our village even has a site where we are notified of any events and entertainment going on, as well as any other news.

Obviously we use email a lot to keep in touch with our friends and relatives in other parts of the world, and we also have an Internet phone which enables us to keep in touch without the cost of call charges.

I have always loved books and in the UK I owned a ridiculous amount of them. As we moved here only with suitcases they were too heavy to bring so I had to part with them. The Christmas before our planned move to Turkey, we bought each other kindles for our presents, and I have got into the routine of checking Amazon's free books top 100 daily to add any good ones we don't have. We now have over 800 of them lets hope we live long enough to read them all. But it's another regular job dependent on the Internet.

As apart from a very few favourites I also had to leave behind my cookery books, I also look for recipes on the Internet. One good thing is that I have tried a lot of new recipes from Turkey as well as elsewhere. Some have proved successful, some have been complete disasters but it has broadened our horizons in the culinary stakes.

So all in all we are heavily dependent on the Internet for living here, and after a month without it, I realise just how much. What an electronic age we have become for just everyday living, even us oldies are adapting to it.

We have found some of the groups so helpful, that I have added a link page to our blog for others to share. If you have information of any I have omitted please let me know so that I can add them. Please note that some of these are closed groups and you may have to wait for approval to join them.

As for our lapse in Internet connection, I truly don't know the answer to that. Generally we have very good connection here and since a visit from an electrician, and his subsequent phone call to our provider all is back to normal - long may it stay that way. I just wish I'd called him a month ago instead of playing the waiting game.

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