Saturday, 3 November 2012

FETHIYE FRIDAY MARKET - full of wonderful Turkish produce

Fethiye is famous the world over for it's Tuesday market and there can't be many holidaymakers visiting Turkey who haven't spent an hour or three ambling the numerous aisles. But Fethiye also has a Friday market on the same site - for produce alone, and we love going to this market to see the fabulous array of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The market is huge and attracts commercial traders as well as individuals who are selling the produce from their gardens. Often there are 3 or 4 ladies from our village who have collected together, plants, eggs, fruit and vegetables, milk and freshly made bread to sell. There is a large covered area and then the smaller traders tend to be outside under tarpaulin along the stretch of the canal. This where we have found incredibly cheap fruit, veg and plants as well as fantastic village bread freshly made that morning.

The majority of the produce on sale is fresh and naturally grown. Yes tomatoes may vary from massive to tiny and oranges may not be bright orange but the taste of this produce is suberb. Being our first year living here we are still spotting fruit and vegetables that we have never seen before, but we make sure we try them all.

 Often the stallholders speak no English at all but they are keen to chat and let you try their wares, and we find visiting the market an excellent opportunity to practise our Turkish speaking - limited as it is!

One thing we really like about Turkey is that people actually cook here. You will see the Turkish people walking around the market, selecting the best produce and weighed down with their masses of bulging bags. There are very few convenience foods available and everyone cooks meals from fresh produce, something which I am a great advocate of doing. I hated it when I ate convenience foods in the UK due to lack of time when working full time and it is an absolute pleasure to be able to prepare fresh food again.

Inspired by the Turkish ladies, I am also trying to preserve fruit and vegetables for the winter with the help of good old Google and our Turkish friends' advice and we now have several jars of 'this and that' in the cupboard. Time will tell if they are going to be edible!


  1. One of my most favourite past times in Turkey is wandering around the local produce markets. They have them all over the Bodrum Peninsula, and range from the small Derekoy village market with stalls at the side of the main road through the village, to the large sprawling weekly market on Saturday in Turgutreis. Fresh produce never tasted so good! Looks like your market is in a great location... and well worth a few hours meandering around the stalls. Love the photo's....

    1. Like you we have markets all over the area. One at least for every day of the week. It's laughable really that we can buy for instance a carrier bag full of aubergines for the same price as one in the UK. The produce here takes a lot of beating.