Thursday, 15 November 2012

All safely home from our first overnight stay

Pink fluffy clouds as the sun goes down over our friends roof terrace
Last weekend we visited friends in Kemer and stayed overnight so we could have a few bevvies with the barbecue. But first we had to ship out the dogs for the night - their first experience of a night away from the homestead and we wondered how they would get on.

 In England we were lucky that we had excellent boarding kennels in our village who understood Tyson (our Labrador) very well, and he was always very happy to go there and not particularly desperate to come home afterwards. Tyson was attacked by two Alsatians some years ago and since then immediately goes on the defencive with other dogs, meaning that if the other dog retaliates we have full scale war on our hands! Over time he has become OK with bitches and castrated dogs but is still a problem with entire dogs. So it was with some trepidation that we took him to Mad About Mutts the boarding kennels that had been recommended to us. Obviously we had told them how he was, and I can't praise them enough for the care they took to introduce him to their surroundings and the thought they put into where they placed him. I shan't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

Kizi and Little-ee never far apart

Kizi and the puppy 'Little-ee' went to stay with the lady in our village who originally took Kizi in when she was found wandering and abandoned, so it was nice for her to see how she was getting on. Kizzi has fostered Little-ee and turned into a really good mum and they are not normally far apart and play for hours, so it made sense for them to stay together.

Anyway, we had a wonderful evening, certainly did have some bevvies and I was very fragile for the next two days - obviously out of practise!

Reunited - the dogs were glad to be home

Previously on our blog we have mentioned finding three kittens and then fostering a fourth, all of which we thought we had re homed. Well this week two of these - Tom and Peggy have returned. They were collected by Animal Aid having been abandoned. Tom had an abscess on his neck and Peggy had colitis and swollen glands. Both have been treated and are back to normal, so now we are looking for a home for them again. So if anyone can offer these two beautiful kittens a forever home just let us know.

Peggy .................

....................... and Tom back again!

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