Monday, 9 July 2012


How did I ever find time to go work? With David still in England I am busy all day and every day at the homestead, so still no trips out for me at the moment, I am sorry to say. When he returns in three weeks time, I have every intention of making up for that by getting out and about a bit and seeing a bit more of this lovely country and the people who live here.

But until then its mainly gardening and persevering with the new animals. The German Shepherd who I am sorry to say remains unnamed, although 'Devil Incarnate' comes to mind, is now finding her feet and has become a secret chewer! So far I have found her quietly chewing the irrigation system, a radiator cap and the other night I woke up to a lot of noise in the small hours and on further investigation discovered that the dogs were playing ball and between them had managed to tear the seat of the new sofa!! So new dog now has to sleep outside on the terrace as she simply can't be trusted. She also digs the garden and treads on plants and then carts the soil into the house on her feet. Bless her!
Inca lurking behind an oblivious Çingene

Frankly the saga with the cats is not going much better, whilst Horrace now tolerates the new cat Çingene, Inca's hate crusade continues and if ever anyone cut their nose to spite their face it is certainly her! I have sealed off the chimney that she hid in, I have now shut the doors to under the stairs, which was her next hidey hole so now she has squashed herself  between the wall and a wardrobe and is lurking there under a radiator! Meanwhile Çingene carries on regardless without a care in the world.
Wow! How quickly do melons grow.
But meanwhile everything is growing in the garden and suddenly melons are there. Now I have never grown melons before so this a particular pleasure and I cannot believe the rate at which they grow. The first fruit to appear that I noticed, was about the size of a walnut, the next day it had quadrupled in size and has continued at that rate - its incredible!

 I am now eating lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, courgettes and aubergines out of the garden which is most satisfying and I have even made some peach jam with the last of the peaches off the tree.

I have spent most of this week carting the stones which we had dug up out of the garden, and there has been barrow load after barrow load of them. But nevertheless it is a good job done and after the clear up we will be able to dig over some more land and start to think about putting paths in place before the winter.

Summer has arrived big time and it is hot, hot, hot here now. It's funny how quickly you change, when we came here for holidays we were out in the sun every waking hour to get tans to go home with, now it is a case of working around the heat to get things done. I get up at 6.00 am (although I always did that when I was working), but now instead of sitting with endless cups of coffee, I try to get jobs done before the heat of the day kicks in. During the day I tend to do things indoors and often in the afternoon I either have a siesta, or read a book for a couple of hours because it is just too hot to function at all.
Actually it seems in Turkey that the late afternoon, early evening can be the hottest part of the day, so it is generally quite late when I get to start watering the garden, and even later when I get to eat because you just don't fancy a big meal when it is so hot. Today it has been 36C in the shade and it is supposed to be even hotter by the end of the week. There have been very strong winds today, but whereas in England the cold cuts right through you these winds blow hot air, but they are incredibly powerful and will blow anything about which isn't anchored down. So I have spent some of today retrieving plant pots and battening down the fencing.

I understand from David that the weather in the UK has been fairly appalling, and he is desperate to get back home to the sunshine. On my part I will be glad to have him home and to share the workload at last!

"Hey! Wake up I've got a ball"

"Bet you wish you'd got a ball?"

"I want the ball"

"Give me the ball"


"Hey! I've got a ball!
 I bet you wish you'd got a ball!!!!

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