Friday, 29 June 2012


When we have come to Turkey for holidays we have suffered the long life milk because it is all we have been able to find here. In fact on our first self catering visit and not knowing the Turkish word for milk we bought Ayran which is in similar cartons and is a very popular salty yogurt drink but trust me is disgusting in coffee or on your cereals! We know of many other people who have made the same mistake.

Anyway, in the absence of any fresh milk we have suffered the long life milk - but it just is not the same. So imagine our delight when we discovered that we could have fresh cows milk, and that even better the dolmus driver would bring it to the end of our track to collect it in the mornings.

The best milk ever!

So we now walk down to the end of our road to meet the dolmus on a Monday and a Thursday to collect our lovely fresh cows milk. The dolmus draws up with all the passengers in it and we get on to do our transaction with the driver. It is delivered in old soft drinks bottles and is the princely sum of 3tl (£1.06) for a 2.5 litre bottle. The next time we take the washed out empty bottle and it give back to him. The milk is always lovely and cold and it is the best milk we have ever tasted, thick with cream - yummy - and lasts in the fridge for a week easily. Only in Turkey!!

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