Sunday, 24 June 2012


When I awoke this morning it was overcast, so bearing in mind I had to bike to the Cadianda Restaurant today I dressed in trousers, teashirt and socks and trainers. I sorted the animals out by leaving the Newbies on the terrace and the others in the house and loaded all the rubbish bags on the bike to drop off on the way.

When I was ready to go I noticed that new dog (really must decide on a name) had eaten a plant I had on the terrace waiting to go in the garden and there was earth everywhere!! Knowing it would make me late I cleared it up as being late seemed preferable to coming home to an entire pot of earth rolled in by a German Shepherd for 3 hours. So by the time I had done that and dropped the rubbish off in the bin at the end of the track I arrived last to the lesson hot, sweaty and pre-occupied with ideas of what other hideous crimes the Shepherd could have committed by the time I returned home!

The tutor started by coming round to look at everyone's books to see what practice we had been doing at home since last week. Yes you've guessed it I had an empty book - no time - looking after the newbies! First problem, which the tutor was very nice about while everyone else sat smugly thinking how bone idle I had been!

Now for the last few days I have had a bit of a cold - I think its because the temperature has dropped from the mid 40s of last week to the mid 30s - but whatever it has left me with a bit of an ear problem consequently I couldn't always grasp what the tutor was saying today so when everyone else was spouting in reply I looked on in horror wondering if I could manage to grasp what we should be doing before my turn came to say something. Second problem, everyone thinks I am a thicko now!

We were sitting in the lovely garden of the Cadianda Restaurant and suddenly I have insects crawling all over me - probably because I got so hot and sweaty rushing there at the last minute. Third problem, I am twitching and contorting in my chair everyone now thinks I am lazy, a thicko and now also an entirely mad woman.

Then the clouds broke and the sun came out with a vengeance, not condusive to someone sitting in trousers and socks and trainers! Fourth problem can't see now because of the sweat pouring down my face making reading the white board almost impossible so I have to keep asking what they are doing now I am an idiot!

Anyway today we did fruit and vegetables, shopping words and phrases, Turkish names for other countries, north, south, east and west directions and how to put 'de' as opposed to 'da' on the ends of words depending on their last vowel and in Turkey they have eight vowels to worry about!

Eventually the two hour lesson comes to a close and I cut my losses this week and make a hasty retreat. Fifth problem incredibly hot and approximately 2 kilometres to home - all uphill. I don't even try to ride the bike apart from one tiny stretch of flat through the village that amounts to about 100 yards. But let me tell you that if it is hard work walking uphill in soaring temperatures it is even more exhausting pushing a bike. I keep stopping to 'look at the vista' - actually to get some breath back - and when cars or people are in sight I press on smiling as though I am absolutely loving it and not at all like I just want to lay in the gutter for a few hours respite! I pass holiday makers who are ambling down the road thinking how lucky I am that I obviously live here and how healthy I am to be biking and I pass locals who know I am insane for having a bike. But I smile at them all as I pass them by and then stop to 'look at the vista' again as soon as they have gone out of sight. At last I get home the animals are all fine and I jump straight in the pool to cool me down. Frankly I'm dreading next week but no pain no gain as they say!

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