Thursday, 28 June 2012


Those of you who have visited Turkey will know that one problem here is the amount of animals that live on the streets. In our area we are very lucky to have the Animal Aid Fethiye Group, a charity which raises money to support the local animal shelter with their neuter and return programme. The money raised by Animal Aid also pays for : food for the shelter, medicines, Bedding, Equipment & toys, Vet fees ( for street dogs and cats) for neutering and for vets bills for any animals which are injured or ill. Their members work tirelessly for these needy animals, and are sometimes able to find foster or permanent homes for the injured or youger animals. Those of you who have read previous blogs will know that we have a dog and a cat which we are currently looking after for them. Others have to go to the Animal Shelter just outside Fethiye where they will be looked after and hopefully later find homes.

Due to the neutering programme the situation is better than it was a decade ago when I can remember literally dozens and dozens of dogs wandering around the town and hanging around the restaurants for scraps.

Animal welfare in Turkey has been lacking and often unwanted pets are just left abandoned in the countryside. However, new Animal Rights laws are coming. lets hope they make a difference.

When we returned to Turkey in April our small street of three houses had gained a street dog since our last visit. He was a young dog and the neighbours had been feeding him and giving him water. He was wary of strangers and was an extremely good guard dog, barking if anyone he didn't know was about.especially at night. Once he got to know us he was extremely friendly and our dogs talked to him over the fence every morning when he came to get his food from our neighbour. Occasionally he had a friend with him who looked the same type and age and I would think was a brother. But most of the time he was alone and he was very pleased to see us all. If anyone walked down to the village he would happily walk along with them, enjoying the company. He was a very content dog but I did worry what would happen in the winter when there is a lot of rain here and it can be very cold.

However, fate stepped in and last night our little fellow was hit and killed by a car. We will all miss him terribly he was part of our life here.

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