Sunday, 24 June 2012


Since the rescued dog and cat arrived last Sunday it has been very difficult introducing them to each other. When they arrived Inca shot off up the chimney, Horrace shot off upstairs and Tyson threatened the new dog - bedlam!

"I want to eat you ....."
The new cat was safely in a large cage but the new dog spent most of the first day laying beside the cage licking her lips and leaping at the cage at the first sign of movement from inside. Then Tyson would muscle in on the excitement and bark and jump on the dog - great this is going well.

That night I put new dog out on the terrace to allow Inca and Horrace to appear from their hidey holes to eat. Inca ate her tea and shot back up the chimney. Horrace took one look at new cat in the cage hissed and shot back upstairs. So I took him some food and water upstairs and put a litter tray in the hall.

Day two, after an initial run around together the dogs settled reasonably well and new dog spent most of the day laying outside the cat cage but in a slightly calmer manner than the day before. Inca remained up the chimney and Horrace refused to come downstairs. That night when Inca came out for food I blocked the chimney so after eating she joined Horrace upstairs.

Day three, the dogs and new cat all seem calmer so I let out the new cat and started to teach new dog what 'NO' means! New cat disapeared out of the garden and out of sight. Just when I was thinking I would never see her again some 3 hours later she wandered back in much to the delight of new dog who had obviously missed her terribly.

Days four and five stuck in the same scenario with Horrace and Inca refusing to move from upstairs! Well I can't go on like this so I decide instead of putting the cat in her cage I will leave her the run of the house for the night to introduce her to them while the dog is outside.

There am I busy in the kitchen some time later when suddenly there is the most horrendous noise in the hall. I rushed out there to find Inca, who had obviously been caught in the middle of using the litter tray when new cat arrived, in the middle of her business whilst still managing to turn herself into 'Hissing Sid' (who else can remember Captain Beaky?). New cat just sat and stared at the spectacle, Inca shot back upstairs.

Inca alias 'Hissing Sid'
This morning I woke to what I thought was a rumbling noise - my immediate reaction - another earthquake! No, Inca on my pillow swearing at new cat who had the audicity to come upstairs into her domain. To his credit Horrace just stared at the happenings. New cat totally unfazed just calmly left the room, leaving Inca with her eyes bulging, carrying on hissing and actually looking very silly.

After a couple of cups of tea, and feeding the animals I went back upstairs to wash and dress and when I came down I went outside for something and found my bag on the terrace. It was not there earlier and now it was completely empty, no money, no wallet, no anything in fact. I have to be honest and say that whilst losing all my money is a catastraphe of the highest degree, my immediate reaction was horror at the thought of having to go all the way to Fethiye on the bus to replace it. But hang on - no bus fare!!!! All money gone - no notes, no coins.

 As I returned to the kitchen I saw my wallet laying on the kitchen floor, with some saftey pins and my Turkish mobile phone. On closer examination I discover that the bag is not quite empty, in the back my passport, residency documents and driving licence are still there. My English mobile was still on the table where I had left it together with my Kindle. What sort of thief would not have taken those too?

I sat down with a cup of coffee, close to tears and decided it must have been an opportunist thief and someone who needed money desperately, and only money, or who didn't know how to get rid of the other stuff for cash. I heard my neighbour out in the garden and thought I will have to ask her to ring the Jendarme (we have military police in the village). I thought this is going to be so embarassing and how am I not going to cry? The Jendarme are going to say how stupid I was to leave the door open while I was upstairs, but I had left it open for the dogs who I had just fed. 

Subtle dirt & tooth marks
Mulling all this over as I drank my coffee a thought occurred to me - how had they got in with the dogs loose. Although Tyson is pleased to see anyone he is big and scary looking and new dog is a good guard dog and would definately have barked. I just couldn't work it out - but all the money had definitely gone.
As I went out to find my neighbour I saw a piece of paper laying on the lawn. As I got closer I saw there were several pieces of paper on the lawn in fact. On closer inspection I find it is my money, so I walk from one end of the garden to the other and find that in fact it is not just the notes but the coins are also strewn around the garden - this is becoming very odd! Especially as the money is spread along the route the dogs take when they chase each other.

"It was her"
"It was him"
I take it back inside and have a closer inspection of the bag - there are some very subtle teeth marks, it is obvious now that one of the dogs has taken it and carted it round the lawn with the other chasing to grab it, spilling the contents as they go.So two strong suspects.  I think I know which one took it and which one did the chasing because I know how they do it with their ball - but of course there is no evidence M'lud!!

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